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The Alien Encounters Saga, Book 1

This book has a promising storyline that has the potential to sweep you off your feet and into the world of the Gatoans. Jewels Enbran is a powerful telepath with untapped powers that the Psi-Ops has breed to use as their ultimate weapon. She and her anchor, Jeremy, are chosen to receive a delegation of Gatoans and to probe their minds for any telekinesis that they may have.

Upon arrival at Fort Blackworth, Prince Dex Loudroar senses her probe and all hell breaks loose. He shatters her anchor to Jeremy when he touches her mind with his, resulting in near death for Jewels. As soon as their minds made contact they were bound and intrigued by each other. As their love grows, it is threatened by the Gatoans’ mortal enemies, the Lupines who will stop at nothing to annihilate the Gatoans. Earth is soon caught between to alien races and Earths’ leaders must choose whose side they will be on. Jewels and Dex will fight both humans, Gatoans and Lupines to keep their love from being destroyed.

This story just covered the icing on the cake. The characters needed to be given more depth and needed to be consistent with their strong beliefs. I had a lot of trouble believing the situations that the characters found themselves in. For example, in one part of the story, Jewels is given a flogging of 25 lashes because Brigadier General Maussey had a grudge to settle against her and he was allowed to choose the corporeal punishment, instead of the 5 judges who "tried and found her guilty”. General Manroe is a telepath who plays, “God”. He sees the possible future and manipulates the situations to insure the best path for human kind. He removes a lot of potential enemies that could have added to the story line. He was a Deus Ex Machina, who in Greek stories came in at the end of the play and took care of everything and gave a happily after. This story is Book 1 in the Alien Encounters Saga. I look forward to Mrs. Lakisha adding more depth and flow to the next story. I truly hope she continues writing her stories.

Book Blurb for Jewels

Special Lieutenant Jewels Enbran, a human telepath unable to shield her mind from thoughts, uses telepathic anchors who protect her vulnerable mind. Her current anchor, Colonel Jeremy Lingley, is nearing burnout. An alien race is seeking an alliance with Earth and the pair are assigned the mission of discovering the aliens' secrets.

Crown Prince Dex LoudRoar is a Gatoan warrior and a royal with a terrible secret. His people wage a constant war against their enemy, the Lupinious empire. But the tide of battle is turning and his people seek help from a new source: the humans of Earth.

With an interstellar war looming, Jewels and Dex seek salvation for their planets and find their destinies changed forever.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 2.50