The Marriage Solution

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The Marriage Solution

Harlequin American Romance #1356

This is a wonderful story about love and parenting. The first sentence, in THE MARRIAGE SOLUTION by Megan Kelly, was definitely an attention grabber. I think it was a fantastic way to start. It is quite different, the way that Dylan found out that he is the father to a 4 year old. Tara is quite refreshing in that she is so willing to leave everything she knows behind for the sake of having and raising her son. This is a lovely read. It broke my heart to read Dylan's interaction (or lack thereof) with his daughter. Then the joy I felt (was palpable) when Tara was able to help them connect with each other. No wicked stepmother here. You get just a warm, loving, and giving person.

Book Blurb for The Marriage Solution

Tara Montgomery is nobody's fool. She's known love 'em and leave 'em types before—heck, she was left pregnant by one. There's no way charming Dylan Ross can tempt her into anything. Except the womanizing bachelor has more in common with Tara than she'd like. He's just discovered he's a father to a four-year-old girl. Single parenthood is tough, and Dylan needs the daycare employee's help.

But Tara has her own problems. In a vicious custody battle, a high school diploma and empty bank account are no defense. Throw in "single working mother," and Tara could lose her son. That's the only reason she's considering Dylan's outlandish proposal. Marriage may be their only solution, but Tara is going into it with her eyes open. Her son has to come first—no matter what her heart wants. 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.75