Cindy's Prince

Cindy's Prince is a wonderfully sweet and decadent read by Christine Bush. It reads like a fairy tale with a modern day twist. Cindy and Prince, even though they were not looking for it and are from two very different backgrounds, find true love. They had, it seemed, such insurmountable odds against them and that kept me glued to the story and rooting for them to reach their happily ever after. I hope Consuela gets a story of her own and I look forward to reading a second title if there is one.

Book Blurb for Cindy's Prince

Cindy Castle's life is a fine juggling act-raising her orphaned niece and nephew in northeast Philadelphia, embracing her job as a children's librarian, and keeping alive her dream of becoming an author of children's books. She has NO need for a prince to charge into her life with promises of easy castle life. History has shown this "Cinderella" that all fairy tales don't have happy endings.

Princeton Edmund Highfield III isn't a knight on horseback, he's one of Philadelphia's elite. His version of "horsepower" comes in the form of a snazzy Aston Martin, the same model of car that James Bond drives. Is Prince out of his mind, chasing after this daring woman with a ready-made family who is absolutely not impressed with his status of society's most eligible bachelor? What must he do to prove his love is real and sincere, and that their story can have a happily ever after ending?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 4.00