Yes, Master

This collection of three smoking hot tales explore different facets of a BDSM relationship as three very different women are introduced to the edgy world of dominance and submission. The headiness of placing one’s trust completely in the hands of one or more dominant males is explored to different degrees, from gentle dominance to complete exertion of a slave/masters relationship. The endings are a bit abrupt and almost feel unfinished but these are all undeniably very spicy reads and would probably be enhanced by being expanded into longer novels.

“Yes, Master” is a trilogy of BDSM tales by three prolific erotica authors. “Stark Pleasure” by Tawny Taylor follows a new and virginal college graduate whose decision to pose nude for an artist leads to a relationship with a very rich man named Tristan Stark who wants to continue her education by introducing her to the world of BDSM. In “Ruby’s Awakening” by Anne Rainey, Ruby’s neighbor, Drake South, uses his hands for more than his landscaping business as he finally convinces Ruby to give them a chance and shows her exactly what he expects out of his lover. Vonna Harper’s “Runa’s High” portrays the training that runner Runa Mullan undergoes with athlete Jeff Tappe and trainer Ken Paro as they encourage her to live out the bondage fantasies that she imagines. Her ready acceptance of sexual slavery makes her the perfect subject for them and they in turn undertake to teach her to expand her limits in all aspects of her life.

Book Blurb for Yes, Master

Tawny Taylor "Stark Pleasure" - A job as an artist's model introduces college student Alice Barlow to wealthy benefactor Tristan Stark. And when the charismatic, dominating Stark makes the virginal Alice an indecent proposal, she can't help but say yes - again and again...Anne Rainey "Ruby's Awakening" - Ruby is hoping to celebrate her promotion with a night of decadence, but her unadventurous boyfriend lets her down. Good thing her gorgeous, dark-haired neighbour is just waiting to show her all the naughty delights she's been missing...Vonna Harper Runa's High - College track star Runa Mullan has been ordered to relax in order to improve her performance. And a visit to a hunky masseur turns out to be good for what ails her - in ways she never expected...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00