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Rebel Angel Series, #3

This fascinating fantasy series is most striking because it gives such a vivid picture of a very alien people and makes their harsh life and dealings with one another completely believable. There is a chilling logic to the way they treat each other and although their punishments are definitely cringeworthy, one can almost see how things have escalated to that level, given their usual immortality and healing abilities. I was a little disturbed by the purported familial ties between various lovers and the horrific violence and loss that permeates the tale but still mesmerized by the story itself. I would not recommend trying to read this story without having read the two preceding books as this is an intricate and well-built world that has complex characters who have their share of foibles and nobility and the events that are depicted are reminiscent of a snowball rolling down a hill which is gradually getting larger and larger and forming a juggernaut threatening to crush all in its path. Fair warning, the exciting climactic end to this book will have you impatiently waiting the next book which theoretically will end the series.

“Wolfsbane” by Gillian Philip is Book Three of the ‘Rebel Angels’ series which continues the saga of the struggle among the Sithe who are fighting for control of the Veil between their land and the Otherworld. Rory has spent all of his young life dealing with the pressure of being the foretold Bloodstone and his rebellion against the strictures imposed by his father Seth results in his bringing young Hannah through the Veil which seems to disrupt the precarious balance between the factions. Who will survive a struggle that may result in the destruction of human society and how can Rory and the rest of his clann overcome betrayal and find a way to fulfill his destiny?

Book Blurb for Wolfsbane

It’s tough being the foretold savior of your race. Rory MacGregor, kept a virtual prisoner in his own father’s dun and hunted by the Sithe queen, needs a break now and then—and what better fun than tearing the Veil no one else can tear and escaping to the Otherworld?

In that dangerous Otherworld, Hannah Falconer is as trapped by circumstance as the strange wild Sithe boy whose horse nearly kills her. When Rory tricks her into crossing the Veil and entering his world, she’s sure it can’t be any worse than her usual home life.

Meanwhile, Seth MacGregor is fighting to keep his clan safe from the malevolent queen Kate. When an attack comes after years of stalemate, he is shocked to discover who is leading it...and who else is conspiring against him.

Wolfsbane, the third novel in Gillian Philip’s Rebel Angels series is enthralling and suspenseful, with a range of characters appealing to every age.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.00