Wild at Heart II

Young Adult Short Stories Benefiting Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

“Wild at Heart: Volume 2, Young Adult Short Stories” is an anthology of young adult tales written by eleven talented authors to raise money for the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas. These intriguing short stories run the gamut from the difficulties of fitting in when one is a teen from a different background than the rest of one’s peers to the difficulties of seeing one’s true nature until one is under pressure (and being threatened by a tiger) to the mysterious capabilities conferred by being able to see the entities on a building or out in the wild. Especially enjoyable was the twist provided by Lori Freeland in her tale “Refugee” and the coming of age story depicted by Karis Walsh in “Vision Quest” but all of the stories offered an interesting insight into the melding between those with a wild nature and the humans who seek to interact with them. A great introduction to a variety of intriguing writing styles and wonderful glimpses of imaginative worlds that would be fascinating to visit. One can only hope that some of these entertaining tales will eventually become longer stories in the futures.

Book Blurb for Wild at Heart II

This volume of short stories includes a wonderful variety of contemporary and paranormal tales, and was produced by the Diamond State Romance Authors as a project of love to benefit the residents of the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. All profits from this collection will go directly to the refuge to help with the care and feeding of the rescued animals.

The stories in this volume were inspired by the animals. If you enjoy them, we hope you’ll recommend the book to friends, and doesn’t everyone need to feel a little Wild at Heart?

Stories in this collection include: Freedom by Connie Wilkins, Teens Gone Wild by Margaret Etheridge, Home by Midnightby Brinda Berry, Cats Rule by Aileen Fish, Refugee by Lori Freeland, The Girl and the Puma by Jayne Grey, Heart’s Solace by Tara Fox Hall, Vision Quest by Karis Walsh, The Bully in the Piney Woods by Delilah Devlin, Fierce Wild by Megan Mitcham, Salvaje by Anna Meadows

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00