Wicked Surrender

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Wicked Surrender

Wicked Surrender by Jade Lee tells the story of Scheherezade Martin (Scher), a theater proprietress, who longs for status and respectability and thinks that she will find it through marriage.  Despite the sensual temptation of Brandon, the attractive Viscount Blackstone, Scher is determined to marry his young cousin Kit Frazier over the objections of his elitist family who consider her a fallen woman because of her theater background.  Brandon finds himself attracted to the almost innocent and certainly naive young woman but can only offer to make her his mistress so that they can explore their mutual attraction.  Scher tries to keep from being discouraged at the snubs and opposition from Kit’s family but cannot withstand the ultimate insult delivered at a family gathering and resigns herself to the loss of her dream.  She allows Brandon to seduce her but discovers that he steadfastly refuses to offer her marriage as he has his own burdens to bear.  It is only after Scher undergoes her own tragedies that she realizes what is truly important to her and that it is up to her to find a way to reconcile her responsibilities and her desires to achieve true happiness.

Jade Lee demonstrates her usual flair for penning delightfully erotic love scenes but the storyline is a bit more cumbersome than those of her paranormal love stories.  The surprising epilogue confirms the ruthlessness of the family that Scher wants to join but there are an almost excessive number of tragic scenes enacted throughout the story.  Hopefully the sequel will provide a bit more redemption for the Frazier family.

Book Blurb for Wicked Surrender

Jade Lee invites readers into her new Regency-set, sensual romance.

The daughter of an actress, Scher Martin feels she'll never fulfill her dreams of acquiring a good home and having a respectable family, so she agrees to be the mistress of Brandon Cates, Viscount Blackthorn.

But when Brandon's cousin proposes marriage, Scher finds herself torn between the propriety she craves and the love of a dark and troubled man.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.00