Wicked Sexy

Wicked, Book 1

This sensual novella gives a glimpse of a remarkable society that is menage-based. The erotic rituals involved in the choosing of life partners offer a sizzling read which is combined with an intriguing investigation into the crimes being perpetrated. The contrast between the two brothers who become entangled with Callie makes this a fun read as normal sibling rivalry morphs into an erotic competition to demonstrate how much she means to each of them. A great introduction to an imaginative series.

“Wicked Sexy” by R.G. Alexander is an imaginative paranormal tale that introduces the Magian society and centers around Harrison (Harry) Abbott who is about to reach a momentous birthday. A Triune joining with two husbands is a requirement by the time a Magian witch turns twenty-six but Harrison’s joining ritual may be disrupted by the series of escalating attacks plaguing them. Callie Turner is Harrison’s friend, a human who has long had a crush on Tucker, Harrison’s eldest brother but is less fond of their other brother, Tyghe, who has always teased her about her outside status as a non-Magian. The plan to use Callie’s training as a cop to pose as a Magian has unforeseen results when Harry casts a spell and everything suddenly changes, including the way the sexy Abbott brothers look at the girl who practically grew up with them.

Book Blurb for Wicked Sexy

Something magic this way comes…

Callie has always known the Abbotts were different. Witches, though they call themselves “Magians”. They are her second family. Harrison Abbott has been her best friend since they were children. Tucker Abbott, her life-long crush. And their brother, Tyghe? A magical pain in her backside.

When the Abbotts need her human perspective to solve a mystery, she doesn’t hesitate. Especially since it means getting everything she ever wanted. A chance to be one of them, to have magic, even if it’s only temporary.

Someone is attacking young women at Triune, a ritual that helps Magians find their perfect threesome—the match that will complete their magic and their hearts. Callie expected to be dazzled by her first glimpse into the Magian world, but the bone-melting desire between her and the Abbott brothers isn’t part of the plan.

Nor is the decades-old secret that makes her the target of a killer…

Warning: Explicit sex, magical dresses, mind-reading rooms and mind-boggling threesomes.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.50