Wicked Bad

Wicked, Book 2

This erotic paranormal novella was an interesting addition to a creative series and displays even more of the phenomenal powers of the Magians. The action is a little erratic but some of the mysteries introduced are to be addressed in future tales. I thought the time lapse between the initial personal encounter and their second meeting was a little long but I enjoyed the twists that accompany the introduction to Jacob’s home (which has quite a shower!). The heated encounters between the trio practically scorch the page and the imaginative twists and turn keep one interested in the wonders available in this menage-based society.

“Wicked Bad” by R.G. Alexander is the second novella in the ‘Wicked’ series which centers around the intriguing Magian society. Harrison Abbott has been protected and cherished as the Abbott heiress and may be one of their society’s most powerful witches but has had to deal with her share of jealousy over the years. The story picks up immediately after the events described in “Wicked Sexy” and Harrison reels when her magic indicates that the other two members of her Triune are present but she is disappointed to learn that they have obviously listened to the rumors about her and prejudged her. Jacob and Ric are already lovers but are initially reluctant to accept that Harrison is going to complete their Triune. They have their own personal issues but decide that they are determined to claim their mate no matter where she runs and despite any obstacles that may seem destined to keep them apart.

Book Blurb for Wicked Bad

It-s a bumpy ride to dirtily ever after-

Harrison Jennera Abbot was born with a silver broomstick in her hand. Heiress to a Magian dynasty. Good witch extraordinaire. She-s sick of it. She longs to be human, normal like her friend Callie. Or, uh, as normal as Callie ever gets.

She thought running away would be an adventure, but three months playing human has given her a new point of view. Just as she-s ready to return home, though, the real adventure begins. In short order, she-s attacked, saved, kidnapped-and seduced.

Jacob and Ric are convinced that Harrison is the destined third of their triad-if they can convince her they won-t use her as a sexual chew toy, or a social stepping stone. Before they can make her beg for the match, though, she needs to know the truth about who tried to kill her. And why her brother keeps sending her cryptic psychic messages.

Hard as it might be on their Magian male pride, they might have to let her go-trusting that in the end, she-ll choose them.

Warning: Contains an accidental orgasm, crimes of passion, sentient ropes,

powerful witches and bisexual Magians being magically delicious. Oh, and a charmed shower that only lives to please you.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00