When the Ground Shakes

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When the Ground Shakes

“When the Ground Shakes” written by Irit Amog and Shoshana Wheeler and illustrated by David R. Aseraf is a great guide to teach young children how to act during an earthquake. It is written using simple language with concepts that can be easily conveyed, such as the idea of counting up to 15 (and singing a song if the quake goes on even longer) but I am not sure I agree with the idea of putting a pillow over one’s head if one is in bed, since I had a friend whose bookcase fell onto her bed during one of the major earthquakes. I am sure parents/guardians will tailor their instructions according to the circumstances and there is a website for adults to use to organize the family earthquake preparedness kit.

The stated goal of the book is to reduce stress and anxiety of children during an earthquake and I think the combination of bright illustrations and soothing words will do a great job of helping to do that. There is a list of items that should be included in the Earthquake Kit for Kids, which I think should be on the inside front cover so it is not overlooked and I was disappointed that there is evidently a separate workbook to purchase which I think should have been included. Nevertheless, I think this is a great teaching tool to use for making children more familiar with how to deal with earthquakes.

Book Blurb for When the Ground Shakes

Earthquake Preparedness Book for Physical and Emotional Health of Children

When The Ground Shakes is a children's book that teaches children relaxation and safety techniques in the event of an earthquake. This earthquake book guides a child and tells them what to do in a fun and effective way that is both enjoyable and educational for children!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2016 4.00