When I'm With You

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When I'm With You

Because You Are Mine Series

This intriguingly sexy tale was originally released as a serial and that is reflected in the episodic nature of the chapters but it is a nicely evolving story spotlighting two very strong characters. There are fascinating surprises that show the dichotomy of Elise’s view of the world and her place in it while Lucien has unexpected facets that affect the way he interacts with those around him. The mystery that reaches from their shared past is a little forced for me but it does set the stage for an intriguing development with another strong character from the series and dangles a thread that will undoubtedly be addressed in a subsequent tale. The heated sexual encounters are nicely balanced by the intense emotionalism and the glimpses of the world of haute cuisine add an interesting backdrop. I have not yet read the first tale in the series yet but this one stands alone without any problem although I am still anxious to read the other titles and look forward to reading the next in the series.

“When I’m With You” by Beth Kery is an erotic romance novel that is part of the very sensual ‘Because You are Mine’ series. Lucien Lenault is a successful businessman in Chicago who encounters Elise Martin in a capacity that he never expects...serving as a chef with an eye on a position in Lucien’s exclusive restaurant. Their past history complicates matters, particularly because of their preconceived notions and they enter into an unholy partnership that is full of surprises on both sides, despite the trust required to form a successful D/s relationship and the bond that forms as they explore the parameters of her submission. Now they just have to find a way to expose their souls the way they have exposed their bodies.

Book Blurb for When I'm With You

New York Times bestselling author Beth Kery’s blistering new novel of a man and a woman bound by the scandalous secrets of the past?and by the sexual hunger that still fuels their uncontrollable desires?

Out-of-control party girl and wealthy socialite Elise Martin has come to Chicago to prove to herself and the rest of the world that her life is truly worthwhile. But she never dreamed she’d find herself at the erotic mercy of the dynamic and wealthy Lucien Lenault, her girlhood crush, an irresistible enigma who renders women powerless and vulnerable...not to mention wholly insatiable. 

But Elise isn’t just any woman. She’s used to playing with fire, and for her, discovering Lucien’s secrets is all part of the game. What brought Lucien to Chicago with a new name and a new identity? Who is Ian Noble, the provocative new stranger in Lucien’s shadow? And why has Lucien taken to following him in the night?

As the two of them get deeper into a dangerous sexual dance, Lucien can’t help but wonder if the exquisite firestorm that Elise has ignited could not only expose his secrets, but draw him dangerously close to the edge and leave both their futures in ashes.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.50