Watercolor Fairy Art

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Watercolor Fairy Art

How to Bring Your Fairy Realm Art to Life

This beautifully detailed guide is both an inspiration and an educational tool that will stimulate the imagination. The explanation for which materials to use and how they affect the finished picture are invaluable to a novice and probably act as a nice reminder for the more advanced artist. I enjoyed the way the author demonstrates how one step builds on another, including the use of ovals to form the basis for a figure and the curved lines to suggest motion. Admittedly, this is not a basic drawing guide, but there are certain elements that it would have been nice to have explained a little more thoroughly, like how to create the bracelets or braided hair effects or the animals…but I realize that would have probably made the book much too long.

It was fascinating to follow along and discover that I actually could create a picture with a little personality, although I am woefully inept at most of the technical skills. This is a book that can encourage one to explore realms only limited by one’s own imagination and shows that there are multiple ways to look at something, as each artist demonstrates a unique style of fairies.

I think there is something for everyone, whether a casual doodler or a serious artist, as step by step drawings and in-depth discussions of composition, effects of light placement and techniques for giving texture through materials used and judicious application of water are all described. This is a book that has the potential to provide countless hours of entertainment with the delightful side effect of adding beauty to one’s surroundings.

“Watercolor Fairy Art” by Sara Burrier is an illustrated guide to the art of drawing and coloring fairies and their accompanying backgrounds and accoutrement. There are detailed descriptions of materials, techniques and elements of the pictures, as well as multiple colored illustrations of desired results. Also included are suggestions from six other artists with examples of their unique styles and thumbnail biographies.

Book Blurb for Watercolor Fairy Art

Watercolor paint has a life of its own. The colors blossom and bloom on the page. They mix and bleed, dance and shimmer, some showing through, some sinking back into the hollows of the paper. What better medium for capturing the magical and enchanting world of fairies? Here, illustrator and art instructor Sara Burrier shows the artist how to harness the magic of watercolor with tried and tested rules that artists can use to take their fairy art to the next level. Inside, she covers:The Rules of Drawing--from tools, materials, and gathering inspiration to drawing fairy poses, gestures, wings, and costumesThe Rules of Watercolor--choosing a color palette, prepping the workspace, and techniques for adding texture, volume, and other detailsThe Rules of Other Fairy Artists--this unique section explores the secrets of professional artists and showcases their work

Rules are conveyed as quick tips, informative demonstrations, and even simple exercises, making Watercolor Fairy Art a comprehensive and accessible manual for artists of all capabilities. Gorgeous, full-color art throughout.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.75