Wait Until Dark

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Wait Until Dark

The Night Stalkers

This fast moving and intense military romance once again features the remarkable and charismatic members of the Night Stalkers, that elite force in the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR). The author does his usual impressive job of creating an enthralling tale that presents feats of heroism which seem perfectly reasonable while giving a glimpse of the price that is unflinchingly paid by those who serve. This emotional tale of a woman who has learned to deal with loss by refusing to become attached to anyone and the man who gradually coaxes her into emerging from her shell with almost disastrous results is told against the backdrop of a mission that requires exceptional equipment and the ultimate sacrifice to have even a chance of succeeding. It was delightful to become immersed in this exciting and dangerous world even as it is gut-wrenching to be reminded of the travails that hone these warriors. An exceptional addition to the series.

“Wait Until Dark” by M.L. Buchman is the impressive addition to ‘The Night Stalkers’ series that features Sergeant Connie Davis who is temporarily assigned to Major Emily Beale’s specialized Black Hawk helicopter team. Her fellow mechanic, Staff Sergeant John Wallace (Big John) is fascinated and challenged by her exceptional skills as well as her extreme stoicism. Connie has no idea how to let anyone into her personal life and John is inexplicably determined to surmount the walls she has built and find her passion. The problem is that their lives are constantly put on the line and the specialized mission that they are tasked with threatens to end their relationship before it can begin.

Book Blurb for Wait Until Dark

Sergeant Connie Davis has despised helicopters ever since she was thirteen, when one malfunctioned and killed her father. Since then she has vowed to become the finest helicopter mechanic in existence—and she's about to get her chance. All she has to do is stay alive long enough to prove it, while avoiding the handsomely rugged Staff Sergeant "Big John" Wallace.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 5.00