Untamed Journey

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Untamed Journey

This historical tale is both a romance and an interesting glimpse of life in the American West when railroads were redefining the country. The journey that a young woman reluctantly embarks upon results in her honing the self-reliant skills that she developed to survive the Civil War. This is a sweetly sensual story that gradually unfolds to give a glimpse of the hardships and complications of surviving in the relatively untamed West, especially when one is a lone woman who has only herself to rely upon. Many of the secondary characters are a bit underdeveloped and the action tends to be erratic in places with occasional jarring episodes of violence but the overall tale is an enjoyable read and the main characters are engaging.

“Untamed Journey” by Eden Carson is an entertaining novel featuring a naive young woman, Ruth Jameson, who has been coerced into a marriage by proxy to Frank Masterson, a ruthless man who has sent an unsavory representative named Jasper Smith to bring his unwilling bride to her new home. Ruth has survived the privations of war only to find herself at the mercy of the obnoxious man who forces her into a horrific choice which will change her life forever. A chance encounter with Marshal Beauregard Jackson and a decision to take control of her own life leads Ruth to experiences that will allow her to reach for a freedom that few are allowed. Masterson has plans of his own for his wayward bride and he is a man used to getting what he wants but so is Jackson, who finds himself unwillingly attracted to the determined Ruth.

Book Blurb for Untamed Journey

Orphaned by the Civil War and sold to the highest bidder by her last living relative, Ruth Jameson boards a train to untamed Colorado Territory to meet her new 'husband' - a man twice her age, pursuing money and power from the wrong side of the law. When the man sent to protect Ruth on her journey West turns out to be her biggest threat, Ruth decides to change her fate and sets off into a wild, unknown land to carve a place for herself.

Hired by the Union Pacific to protect their passengers from a rash of armed robberies, Marshal Beauregard Jackson dreams of hanging up his star and devoting himself to ranching and re-building the life and family he lost.

When fate crosses their paths, Jackson's dream takes physical form in Ruth, the bravest woman he has ever met. At first, he just wants to protect her. But that desire quickly turns to one more powerful, passionate, and personal. He will go to any lengths to make her his wife and embark on their own untamed journey of love, loyalty, and longing fulfilled.

Untamed Journey is a classic romance filled with fast-paced action. It's sexy, romantic, and fun with a guaranteed happy ending. (100,000+)

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00