Unnatural Issue

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Unnatural Issue

An Elemental Masters Novel

Mercedes Lackey continues her "Elemental Masters" series with the fascinating tale titled Unnatural Issue. Tragically losing her mother at birth, Susanne Whitestone is rejected by her father who blames her for the death of his wife. An embittered Earth Mage, Richard Whitestone spirals downward into depression until he develops an unhealthy obsession with necromancy and becomes determined to resurrect his deceased wife. Raised virtually parentless, Susanne has inherited her father's powers and has the great fortune to be tutored by Robin (Puck) himself in aspects of Earth magic while the greatly reduced staff impart their practical knowledge to the lonely child. Susanne approaches adulthood only to discover that she may be in peril of not only her comfortable existence but possibly even her very soul only to find that there are others out there who are concerned with her welfare. Lord Alderscroft and his associates have become aware that there is something amiss in the country and have delegated Lord Peter Almsley to investigate discreetly. The growing world-wide conflict becomes entangled in the local disruption as the Susanne flees to another country just as the precarious political situation explodes. The Masters' resources are gravely tested and only intercession by beings who normally remain separate from mortal concerns may sway the fate of Susanne and those she cares for.

An interesting perspective on the effects of war upon the land itself. Ms. Lackey continues her deft blending of pragmatic country folk and the cumulative power of their beliefs to effect great changes contrasted with those with strong inherent powers to be used for good or evil. The characters were not quite as well-developed and the relationships were awkward and somewhat forced but the story itself was intriguing and worth reading.

Book Blurb for Unnatural Issue

A brand-new Elemental Masters novel from the national bestselling author Mercedes Lackey.

Richard Whitestone is an Elemental Earth Master. Blaming himself for the death of his beloved wife in childbirth, he has sworn never to set eyes on his daughter, Suzanne. But when he finally sees her, a dark plan takes shape in his twisted mind-to use his daughter's body to bring back the spirit of his long-dead wife.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.00