Unjustified Claims

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Unjustified Claims

Hidden Wolves, #3

This amazing sensual m/m paranormal series continues to fascinate readers as the fundamental tenets of the werewolf community in this world are revealed and reshaped. I have been a fan of these beings ever since the striking first story, which addressed the fatal results of being gay in this overtly homophobic world and depicted the major local shake-up that resulted when individuals took a stand. The encounters between the two sorely troubled males in this story and the very unusual pack headed by Aaron will add to the shakeup in the shifter world, and the changes in circumstances for multiple wolves is both surprising and unexpected. The additional kink of one wolf’s sexuality is an intriguing twist and it is heartwrenching to watch his struggle for acceptance and beautiful to watch the flowering of his sexuality as he finds a way to trust a lover.

Each of the stories in this series can be read as a stand-alone, with unique characters and situations presented that nonetheless address a common theme of the challenges dealt with due to homophobia and the struggle for acceptance by those who are deemed to be different. I am captivated by the world-building of this author that blends contemporary circumstances, pertinent issues, romance, and delightful paranormal twists and I definitely look forward to (hopefully) reading more about the shifters in this unique pack.

“Unjustified Claims” by Kaje Harper is part of the ‘Hidden Wolves’ series and introduces werewolf Brandt Davis, who has fled his Michigan pack and ended up in Minnesota…where he finds himself faced with the dilemma of helping Ethan Sjulstad, who may have even more problems than Brandt. Both of them have been hurt by those who are intolerant of their sexual preferences, and they are each at a crossroads in their lives. The scars that each has may be impossible to get past, especially given the fatal results for humans who learn of werewolves. The fortuitous arrival of Aaron Tremaine and members of his atypical pack causes Brandt and Ethan to have to face their biggest challenge yet, and their survival may hinge on circumstances far beyond their control.

Book Blurb for Unjustified Claims

Brandt Davis loved being part of his werewolf pack, until they found his stash of gay porn. He escaped their anger, running in wolf-form into the wilderness, but he can’t live that way forever. And he can’t hide in fur like a coward when an injured man needs his help.

Ethan Sjulstad knows life is making him crazy when a solo hike into the Boundary Waters seems reasonable. Then a bad fall leaves him injured and facing death. Delirious, he hallucinates being rescued by a big grey wolf and a naked woodland godling. For a man who has always loved fantasy, it's worth surviving just to find out what the hell is going on.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.50