Universal Alien

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Universal Alien

Aliens / Katherine "Kitty" Katt, #10

The science fiction genre can occasionally overwhelm one with esoteric concepts and an overabundance of facts until one is almost bored to tears. That is definitely NOT the problem with this rollercoaster ride of a story. It is already remarkable to think of a world with Kitty in it, especially given the amazing situations she gets into...having a story that answers some of the 'what-if's' from the series in an alternate universe is even more fascinating.

The trademark sarcasm and humor that characterizes this unique heroine is given the foil of a world that lacks aliens and their superpowers, which is contrasted with a version who has only her quick intellect, innate practicality, and boundless loyalty to arm her in a bewildering environment. I am fascinated by this author's ability to offer an entertaining story that still manages to offer commentary on the misunderstandings possible when different cultures interact, and the added insight into the fears that any parent deals with is given an inventive twist that naturally adds to the mystique that is Kitty---whether her last name is Martini or Reynolds.

I adore the fact that these stories highlight both the mind-expanding possibilities of a world that accepts aliens and remarkable scientific advances even as they show the wonderful relationships, romantic, interpersonal, and professional between all of these charismatic folks.

"Universal Alien" by Gini Koch is part of the imaginative 'Alien' series that features Katherine (Kitty) Sarah Katt-Martini, but this particular tale involves a glimpse of the occupants of another corner of the multiverse and showcases the talent of Kitty's daughter, Jamie. A serious political error, combined with a severe head injury, thrusts Kitty into an alternate universe that provides a look at a plethora of situations that explore the results of a different pathway chosen. Unfortunately, there are still villains who have very dangerous agendas that will escalate the danger to Kitty and her loved ones, but no matter what the challenge, Kitty and her doppelganger will rise to the challenge.

Book Blurb for Universal Alien

Being the wife of the Vice President isnt easy. Especially when your talents lie in kicking butt and rocking out

Jeff and Kitty Katt-Martini find out just how easy it is for the wife of the Vice President of the United States to unintentionally insult an ally. Now they have to smooth things over with the Australian Prime Minister, pronto, or risk creating an international incident the worldwide anti-alien coalitions will be able to use to force Jeff to resign and the A-Cs to leave the planet.

But before Kitty can make things worse, a cosmic congruence and a little help from some powerful beings shoves her into another world -- one where shes been married to Charles Reynolds for years and aliens don't exist. Shes also landed in the middle of a huge conspiracy and is marked for death, but at least that's business as usual.

Kittys not the only one confused, because the Kitty from that world has taken her place in this one. Now Alpha Team and the Diplomatic Corps have to make sure that no one spots that theres been a switch, while keeping World War III from happening. And they have to do so while keeping this new Kitty in line, because she has views about what to do and how to it, and time is running out.

Can both Kitty's save their respective days before its too late to go home to the universes they belong to? Or will one Kitty decide to keep the others life forever?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.50