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A Dalton Gang Novel

This very steamy read showcases an earthy hard-living cowboy and the somewhat emotionally scarred woman who has been interested in him ever since they were both young. The obstacles that each has had to overcome are disturbing and heartwrenching and add to the poignancy which is somewhat balanced by their intensely passionate interludes but are nonetheless a bit uncomfortable to read about. The plucky teen who has taken matters into his own hands provides an interesting complication and I love the name Kevin for his dog. I am conflicted because I enjoyed many aspects of the story but it seemed a bit jerky to me and I wasn’t thrilled by the erratic nature of the relationship between the main characters. I think that Faith needs to develop more of a backbone and find a way to support Casper while he works through his issues but that he has a ways to go before his actions reflect maturity. This enthralling story provides more of a ‘happy for now’ ending but there are plenty of loose threads that will need to be resolved. Although this can be read as a stand alone story, I am definitely interested in reading the first book in this series and look forward to future developments in these complicated but sexy characters’ lives.

“Unbreakable” by Alison Kent is part of the ‘Dalton Gang’ series and highlights Casper Jayne who is struggling to juggle the memories and responsibilities that he has been faced with ever since he returned to Crow Hill, Texas. The Daltons took in Casper together with Boone Mitchell and Dax Campbell, when they were young rebellious misfits and the three of them became the Dalton Gang. Casper is determined to honor the Daltons’ bequest by helping keep their ranch viable. Added to his already heavy burdens is the dilapidated house that conjures up horrendous memories of his childhood, his searing attraction to Boone’s traditionally forbidden sister, Faith, and the unexpected appearance of a young boy and his dog, Kevin. Faith has wrenching memories of her own and seeks oblivion in Casper’s arms but the tortured man may not be the solace she seeks and her efforts to seek redemption may backfire for them both.

Book Blurb for Unbreakable


The notorious Dalton Gang once ran wild through their home town of Crow Hill, Texas. Now they own the run-down Dalton Ranch--and they work hard to keep it up. But when the right women come along, they still know how to play hard too...

Casper Jayne turned his back on Crow Hill nearly 20 years ago for a career in the professional bull riding circuit. Now he's back--and Faith Mitchell is having a tough time thinking about anything else. She's had a crush on him since high school, when he was part of her brother's gang--and off limits. Since then, Faith has learned not to take risks. And Casper's reckless, hard-living ways are causing her to think twice about trying to make the fantasies she has for this powerfully physical man to come true.

Casper said he'd wait for a sign--but Faith is determined not to give him the satisfaction. Then an unexpected encounter finally penetrates her reserve, and the two of them ignite an intense passion. Faith finds herself holding on for a wild ride that breaks all the rules. But when the hot affair burns out of control, Faith will have to learn to take the reins...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00