Twilight Hunter

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Twilight Hunter

The Execution Underground, #1

This erotic paranormal tale has a lot of interesting elements that give a slightly different slant on the concept of shapeshifting and Beserkers and involves a multiplicity of different entities but it doesn’t quite coalesce for me. There are quite a few different conflicts and intriguing characters presented but very little resolution and although I love the idea of a female Alpha as packleader, the action did not seem to support the theory. There are quite a few extremely gory scenes courtesy of the very sadistic villain and one of the victims is spirited away but with an unknown fate just as the fate of a challenger to the Alpha’s authority is left unresolved despite a purported fight to the death. The relationship between the main characters is very erratic despite their intense passion for one another and it did not quite progress logically for me. I was also a little puzzled by the parameters of the relationship between a couple of secondary characters but perhaps that is because I have not read the first book in the series. I think the story and the series has a lot of potential but would benefit from a little more exposition and focus.

“Twilight Hunter” by Kait Ballenger is part of the ‘Execution Underground’ series and is a paranormal story featuring Jace McCannon who is denying part of his heritage because of his hatred for the sire who gave him the werewolf nature that he is hiding. An elite hunter of rogue werewolves who is part of the multi-faceted Execution Underground, Jace encounters the feisty Francesca Amato who has secrets of her own as they both strive to track a sadistic serial killer. Unfortunately, Jace’s colleagues may be of little use in what ultimately becomes a fight for his life and only by accepting all of his heritage and learning to use his powers will Jace survive long enough to explore whether he has a future, with or without Francesca.

Book Blurb for Twilight Hunter

Hunters of the supernatural, the Execution Underground are an elite group tasked with protecting humanity…but what happens when danger collides with desire?  

Jace McCannon has one loyalty: the Execution Underground. Despite his mixed blood, his hatred for the werewolves he hunts is legendary. But in his search for a sadistic killer, Jace finds himself face-to-face with a stunningly seductive packmaster…and longing for a night with his mortal enemy. 

Nothing can stop Frankie Amato from defending her kind—or catching the rogue responsible for killing women in her territory. For that, this alpha female needs Jace's skills more than she wants to admit. But as their investigation exposes evil truths, need burns into a passion that dare not be fulfilled. For to do so will have deadly consequences for them both….

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 3.25