Twilight Guardian

Children of the Goddess, Book 3

“Twilight Guardian” is the third novella in R.G. Alexander’s ‘Children of the Goddess’ series. Kit is one of the elite group that pledged to guard the Trueblood mediator and his clan and his current duties have conferred responsibility for guarding Zander Sariel and his mate as well as his brother Lux Sariel and his two mates. Kit's eternal loneliness has been assuaged over the years by the female he calls his “Sarasvatti” whom he has watched grow up in his imagination until their interactions have changed from innocent conversations to heated carnal encounters. Jesse calls Kit her dream man while he believes that she only exists in his imagination. Jesse’s strong belief that Kit needs her has led her to travel to England with the camera and skills that she makes her living with but she must re-evaluate everything she has ever known when she finds out that her sensual lover belongs to a race known as the Igigi which is tasked with guarding other races that she didn’t believe existed. Just as she arrives and meets all of the beings that she has only seen in her dreams, Kit has been recalled to make the ultimate sacrifice but Jesse is not quite sure that she is willing to stand by and let the man that she has saved her body for quietly meet his fate. Fortunately, she has more resources than either has suspected as well as newly met allies who also care about the enigmatic Kit.

Another delightful addition to the series that is filled with sensual and charismatic beings. It was lovely to see cameos of the subjects of the prior novellas and to meet the cheeky and mischievous offspring of Zander and Reggie who welcomes the bewildered Jesse into the inner sanctum. Interesting background on the Igigi and the development of the relationship between mortals, werewolves, vampires and the Igigi. Gradual hints that Jasyn Dydarren will finally have his story even as the upheavals among the alliances are settling and being refined. The allure in this series lies in its individuality of the relationships between the various principal characters, all of which are enjoyably spicy but not mirror images of one another.

Book Blurb for Twilight Guardian

Not even the Goddess can save him…but maybe love can.

A Sariel guard, Kit has spent centuries fulfilling his people’s oath to protect the Trueblood Clan. Not Vampire, not Were, and certainly not human, Kit is something altogether…different. And when he is called back home to honor his obligations one last time, he can do none other than obey.

Jesse experiences life behind the lens of a camera. The only time she truly lives is in her dreams. For years she’s imagined a world filled with werewolves, vampires, magic. And him. When she realizes that not only is her dream world real, but the giant of her fantasies is in danger, she’ll have to jump in with both feet, and trust her heart. In Kit’s arms, she learns love is as infinite as time.

But so is a bitter god’s thirst for vengeance.

After a thousand years of duty, Jesse’s love is a gift from the Goddess. But for Kit, it might have come too late…

Warning: Spanking, exhibitionism, giants being kinky…just good wholesome fun.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50