Twice Fallen

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Twice Fallen

Ladies in Waiting, #2

“Twice Fallen” by Emma Wildes is the second in her ‘Ladies in Waiting’ Series. A chance encounter in a private library causes Lady Lillian Bourne to remember all of the reasons she has not been participating in the Season for the past few years but she had not anticipated the effect that Lord Damien Northfield would have on her. Damien is at loose ends now that a serious injury has ended his successful career as a spy but he finds himself strangely fascinated by the enigmatic Lady Lillian. An unofficial assignment has him crossing paths willingly with Lady Lillian who is more interested in him than she cares to admit.

Regina, the fascinating and unconventional half-sister of Viscount Altea has her own ties to Lillian’s family because she is involved in an incandescent liaison with James, Lillian’s cousin who is also Altea’s heir. Regina is an artist who has always followed her own path and she is reluctant to give a commitment to her current lover, no matter how alluring she finds his company. James must juggle his own desires and current affair with his duties to escort Lillian and act as her protector in the absence of her half-brother.

With her usual flair, Ms Wildes continues to pen alluring romances that weave the romances of several Regency women into a mesmerizing tale. Deftly continuing the tale started in “One Whisper Away”, the author expounds upon several of the secondary characters presented and continues to add to the fascinating Lord Augustine’s family. The mystery that Damien is unraveling adds to the intrigue of the story and the reappearance of the infamous work titled ‘Lady Rothburg’s Advice’ is another connecting element that ties this work into the series. Another sensual and engaging read from a talented Regency author.

Book Blurb for Twice Fallen

Lady Lillian Bourne is re-entering society after her disastrous elopement four years ago, and has to be the very picture of propriety. But when she finds herself locked in a library with an enigmatic stranger during a party, she risks falling from grace a second time...

After years working as a spy, Lord Damien Northfield finds London tedious-until his encounter with the lovely but notorious Lily. When he's enlisted to investigate a scheme of blackmail and murder, he's thrilled to discover that Lily may be the key to catching a ruthless killer...

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.50