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The Blood Lily Chronicles, #3

Turned by Julie Kenner is the third installment in the “Blood Lily chronicles”.  Both Lily Carlyle and her sister Rose have seen more than their share of evil and demons, so much in fact, that they both occupy different bodies than those they were originally born in.  Lily is trying to protect her little sister, and by extension, the rest of the world, from the upcoming Apocalypse.  Her lover Deacon, who struggles against his own demonic nature, aids her. She has various arcane powers of her own which allow her to use her blood to heal and to arm her weapons so that she can not only destroy demons but also absorb some of their essence.  Lily’s custody of the “Oris Clef” gives her the potential to use this demonic key to lock the gate of hell as well as the tempting power to rule over all demonkind.  The problem is that the demon that originally created the “Oris Clef” wants it back and all of the demons are coveting this key for its transference of power.   Lily must find a way to stay alive and protect those she cares about while saving the world from the demons who are coming through to this reality and creating major “natural” disasters while they try to take over.

The action is non-stop but this prevents the story from developing depth.  The author assumes that the reader has read the previous two novels and therefore picks up where the storyline ended in the previous novels Tainted and Torn.  There is very little explanation of the various characters that have key roles and one is still wondering about a world in which a demon is a positive asset while an angel is a negative influence.  Fans of the series will probably find this an enjoyable read but this is not a very good stand-alone novel. This is a novel for readers who love action…but make sure to read them in order.

Book Blurb for Turned

The death and rebirth of Lily Carlyle has put her on the side of the angels, albeit with demonic powers. She has fought as a hired assassin for the forces of good, and as an undercover soldier, moving secretly amidst the forces of darkness. Now she must gather friends and allies and go underground, because the final battle against those who would open hell’s gates will be the fiercest of all.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 3.75