Treasure of the Golden Cheetah : A Jade del Cameron Mystery

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Treasure of the Golden Cheetah : A Jade del Cameron Mystery

Jade del Cameron Series #5

Jade del Cameron once again demonstrates the reason for her sobriquet Simba Jike (lioness) as she becomes involved in yet another murder and experiences new mystical occurrences in her beloved Africa.  Unwittingly accompanied by her protégé Jelani who has become indoctrinated into the arcane arts of his heritage by the mondo-mogo, (tribal healer) of his village, Jade accepts a job to assist the female members of the cast and crew of a movie production company on a safari expected to culminate at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  The usual rivalries between the company’s three actresses are exacerbated by the secret marriage of one, the philandering of the influential men of the company with two of the trio and the pall cast over the expedition by the death of their producer.  The hardships of the trek up the mysterious mountain are complicated by practical jokes, sabotage, inhospitable weather and other dangers--up to and including death.  Jelani sneaks into the entourage, accompanied by Jade’s cheetah, Biscuit, because he feels he must protect Jade from the omens that threaten her death during the expedition.

Sam Featherstone, grounded because of the fuel shortage, watches frustrated as his skittish love interest (Jade) fearlessly accepts her challenging responsibilities and blithely wanders off into the danger-laden wilderness without giving him a concrete answer to his proposal of marriage.  A clash of cultures, a search for the lost riches of Menelik and the very real danger of fatal altitude sickness make it doubtful that any or all of the members will live to tell the tale of the trek up Mount Kilimanjaro (also known as kill-a-man jaro).

This was a fascinating look at the peoples and culture of another time and continent with an interesting description of the disadvantages of using modern inventions such as telegraphs and railways in a country that has fighting bull elephants or stampeding zebra herds to disrupt services.  It includes a harrowing description of Jade’s fearless defense of her friend Biscuit and aptly demonstrates why Sam simultaneously admires and fears Jade’s courage.  This was another very enjoyable Jade del Cameron tale.

Book Blurb for Treasure of the Golden Cheetah : A Jade del Cameron Mystery

Intrepid photojournalist Jade del Cameron is about to embark on safari for a Hollywood film shoot inspired by the ancient legend of King Solomon's lost treasure, under the leadership of adventurer Harry Hascombe and with the companionship of the young healer Jelani and her pet cheetah Biscuit. But when the film's financial backer is stabbed to death by a native man who then commits suicide, the trip is cast by a sinister pall. And as the expedition moves higher onto Kilimanjaro's rugged slopes, a series of dastardly hoaxes and a fatal native curse convince Jade that a killer is at work.

Now, Jade will be tested as never before—by mysterious forces...and by a murderer who may prove too much for even Jade's strength and determination.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.25