To Love a Wicked Lord

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To Love a Wicked Lord

Phillipa Carstairs is a jilted fiancée searching for her betrothed in To Love a Wicked Lord by Edith Layton.   She has been sequestered away with her grandparents and falls in love with practically the first eligible gentleman to cross her path but he inexplicably disappears after they become engaged.  Phillipa and her grandmother travel to Bath in search of the wayward suitor and encounter Maxwell, Lord Montrose, who agrees to aid them in their search.  Maxwell is on the surface a foppish dandy but also acts as a spy for the Crown and combines the search for Noel (Phillipa’s fiancé) with his investigations into the likelihood of Napoleon renewing his efforts at conquering the world around him.  Phillipa’s companionship during Maxwell’s travels becomes decreasingly welcome as their attraction to each other grows during her apparently futile quest that necessitates travel to Brighton, London and France.  Danger mounts as Phillipa’s grandmother begins to behave erratically and Napoleon and his followers begin to foment unrest.  Phillipa must decide what her priorities are and whether to risk their lives in her pursuit or whether she already has all that she wants and needs right at home.

To Love a Wicked Lord had Interesting but all too brief glimpses of various locales and colorful personages of Regency England.  It was a bit difficult to appreciate the abrupt resolution of both Phillipa’s problems and her grandmother’s change in behavior.  It would be nice to have some of the sub stories better resolved or explained and a bit more character development, especially of the more important secondary figures.

Book Blurb for To Love a Wicked Lord

A Lady in Waiting...

Phillipa Carstairs is absolutely lovey - so everyone has said since the hour she entered the world. Any gentleman would thrill to make her his bride, yet Pippa is all alone, waiting for a fiance who disappeared many months ago. She's long forgotten why she loved him, and she's nearly given up hope.

A Man of Action....

At first glance, Maxwell, Lord Montrose, is nothing but a dandy - albeit a well-chiseled, irresistibly handsom one! But his foppish demeanor hides a keen mind and a steely resolve. A spy for the Crown who knows absolutely everyone, he's the one one who can help Pippa find her missing fiance.

An Irresistible Desire...

Crossing England on the trail fo the elusive husband-to-be, Maxwell and pippa have the best intentions. But a simmering attraction builds in close quarters...with a sinful passion that will be impossible to deny.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 3.75