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Tier One

“Tier One” by Brian Andrews and Jeffrey Wilson is a gritty, action-packed realistic thriller. The graphic violence and frightening scenarios are definitely not for those who are squeamish, but the fascinating look at the lengths those who protect and serve must go to in order to combat the soulless enemies willing to destroy countless lives is vivid and enthralling. It took me a little time to get comfortable with the shifts between the villains and the heroes, let alone the geographic leapfrogging, but once I paid closer attention to the chapter headings, things got a little clearer. I think the authors did a great job of presenting the dedication and fanaticism that characterizes those on both sides while providing an exciting look at the high-stakes chess match that plays out between those who would destroy the freedom and lifestyle we sometimes take for granted and those who defend it. This book details the establishment of the ultra-secret and aptly named Ember team and does a great job of serving as the series opening while the team accomplishes its shakedown missions. A great melding of fact and fiction (I hope) in an exciting read.

This military suspense thriller is the first story in the ‘Tier One Thrillers’ series and features elite Navy SEAL John Dempsey as his life is destroyed and he finds purpose in joining a dark ops force that races against time to discover who is the high-ranking traitor responsible for so many tragedies as well as prevent a devastating attack that will undermine any progress toward world peace that has been accomplished.

Book Blurb for Tier One

In a world violated by terror, the old lines have blurred. Meet the next generation of covert ops.

John Dempsey’s life—as an elite Tier One Navy SEAL named Jack Kemper—is over. A devastating terrorist action catapults him from a world of moral certainty and decisive orders into the shadowy realm of espionage, where ambiguity is the only rule. His new mission: hunt down those responsible for the greatest tragedy in the history of the US Special Ops and bring them to justice.

But how does a man torn between duty and revenge walk the line and preserve his soul?

As Dempsey struggles with the games of spies, the case propels him across the globe in a desperate effort to prevent a new, horrifying attack on American soil.

Once, John Dempsey followed orders blindly. Now he sees behind the curtain, and the security of the civilized world rests on one question: Can a Tier One Navy SEAL adapt and become the world’s most lethal spy?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 4.75