Three Cowboys

Harlequin Intrigue Series

“Three Cowboys” is a trio of tales by three talented romantic suspense authors; Julie Miller, Dana Marton and Paula Graves. Each author explores the actions of one of three brothers who have discovered that they have a younger half-sister who has been kidnapped to provide leverage for a drug lord. The three novellas provide a wonderful collection of tales that give succinct descriptions of three sexy males who have overcome the oppression of their father and pursued careers that have honed their skills and become even more adept at protection and defense. This was an excellent opportunity to see three experts weave their magic together and create a cohesive tale while retaining their respective styles. The stories are a bit brief, given the constraints but this is a nice light read. Hopefully, there will be future collaborations between these wonderful storytellers.

Julie Miller’s “Virgil” provides the introduction to the overall theme for the book and centers on the middle brother, Virgil (Bull) McCabe, who is a detective in Chicago but returns to his childhood home to help search despite his disdain for his adulterous father. Painful memories are mitigated by his reacquaintance with his best friend, the ‘girl next door’, who has matured into a feisty high school teacher who is worried for her missing student--his recently discovered half-sister.

Dana Marton’s “Morgan” introduces the eldest brother who has been serving his country as a commando. He returns home after a tragic end to his latest mission and is shocked to discover that his father’s on-site accountant is the woman who rejected him so many years ago and that she now has a young son. Morgan uses his skills and his contacts to help search for his half-sister but he discovers a secondary and maybe even more important objective, to figure out whether he wants to risk his heart again and keep the woman he desires alive while he makes up his mind.

Paula Graves’ “Wyatt” is about the youngest brother who has remained at home and become sheriff. His investigation into his half-sister’s kidnapping forces him to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer, Elena Vargas, whose agenda does not necessarily coincide with his. The danger continues to mount and Wyatt discovers that it is not only his half-sister who is in danger of losing her life and the challenge will be to find a way to take down the drug lord and stay alive long enough to pursue his attraction to the intrepid Elena.

Book Blurb for Three Cowboys

This Christmas, the McCabe brothers are coming home to Texas...

Virgil by USA TODAY bestselling author Julie Miller

Detective Virgil "Bull" McCabe hadn't been back on the J-Bar-J Ranch in more than a decade. What he finds is his family in turmoil and his childhood friend, Tracy Cobb, all grown up...and more beautiful than ever.

Morgan by Dana Marton

It took a lot to bring ex-soldier Morgan McCabe home. But when his brothers sent out a call for help, that was all the incentive he needed. Once there, though, it's his former flame, Dakota Dayton, and her toddler son who might just convince him to stay.

Wyatt by Paula Graves

Sheriff Wyatt McCabe has faced a lot of criminals, but none as ruthless as the one holding his sister hostage. Now, forced to work with Elena Vargas, Wyatt has to ensure his family's safety without giving in to his burning attraction to the gorgeous agent.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00