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The Vampire Files

Volume Four

"The Vampire Files: Volume Four" by P.N. Elrod includes the novels "Lady Crymsyn" and "Cold Streets". "Lady Crymsyn" details Jack Fleming's (the vampire P.I.) efforts to get his newly purchased Chicago nightclub remodeled and opened after its inauspicious history. It's not bad enough that the club closed after being bombed, nor that its current lease is held by mobster Booth Nevis, but a woman's skeleton is discovered by the crew doing the remodeling. Having been murdered himself, Jack feels an affinity for the victim and uses his uncanny powers as well as his contacts among the seedy underworld of Chicago's gangland to help his allies solve the case. A mystery also enshrouds his bar area as a light and stained tile convey a surprising message.

"Cold Streets" continues about 6 months after "Lady Crymsyn" and Jack Fleming gets even deeper into the power struggle in Chicago's underworld as a representative from New York comes to town determined to overthrow Gordy, Fleming's mobster ally. A kidnapping case that Fleming's best friend and partner Charles Escott is working on entangles the pair in a case that the arcane vampire powers may be both a help and hindrance for. Fleming may never be the same after having to juggle the repercussions from both of the conflicts.

An imaginative tale combining gangsters and a vampire's effects on the dynamics of the delicate balance of gangland Chicago during the Depression. The second tale is much darker than the first and delves deeper into the more savage aspect of vampirism and the personalities of the gangsters who believed in communicating through violence. The author deftly conjures up the smoky nightclubs and entertainment available at this time while exploring the parameters of being an undead investigator and nightclub proprietor. An intriguing exploration of an additional character, Myrna, who begins to play a pivotal role despite her trouble with communication. A chilling addition to the series.

Book Blurb for The Vampire Files

Two complete Jack Fleming, Vampire P.I. novels.

In the latest Vampire Files omnibus, Jack Fleming now runs his own nightclub while remaining a reluctant player in the politics of gangland Chicago in the 1930s. And wherever vampires and mobsters mix, there will be blood...

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 4.50