The Third Scroll

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The Third Scroll

Hardstorm Saga, #1

“The Third Scroll” by Dana Marton is a fantasy novel about Tera, a young girl struggling to survive long enough for the healing powers that she has inherited to blossom within her. Betrayal by her father results in her being snatched from her homeland, Shahala, and conveyed to the foreign shores Kaharta Reh of the kingdom of Kadar, site of the death of Tera’s mother. Despite being a slave, gradually Tera gains power in small ways by using her knowledge of healing remedies yet she still is unable to access the special abilities that her mother’s blood has bequeathed her. A series of interactions with the High Lord Batumar and his younger brother Gilrem results in her relocation to Karamur. Eventually she discovers that she is expected to have a great role to play in the major struggles that are taking place in her world. A fortuitous meeting with figures from legend allows her to learn more about her beloved mother and ensnares her into fulfilling her destiny but she has doubts about whether she is the one who is foretold in prophecy. Slowly, Batumar begins to value the remarkable female that he has in his care but the conflicts of the world around them may end their relationship before it even begins.

A complex fantasy that tells the tale of one young girl who endures much in her life. The rich tapestry of her life encompasses sojourns in different regions of the world and is fraught with horrors and violence. There are many imaginative elements and complex relationships but the tale left me vaguely unsatisfied and the flowering of Tera’s romance seems a bit too stilted and contrived. The story ends without true resolution and events leading up to it left me somewhat saddened and disappointed even though the tale itself was intriguing.

Book Blurb for The Third Scroll

Sold into slavery, Tera, a budding healer, is thrust into the savage realm of barbarian warlords, the same realm which claimed her mother years ago. She must avoid the displeasure of her warrior lord and survive the cruelties of the concubines, even as war threatens on the horizon.

Yet a greater danger looms when she catches the eye of the most powerful lord of the land and he takes her for his Pleasure Hall. Tera struggles to escape, while searching for the secret behind her mother’s death. But what she discovers challenges everything she believes in. A path set long ago beckons. A path that could lead to triumph, or the destruction of her world.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.50