The Terrans

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The Terrans

First Salik War, #1

“The Terrans” by Jean Johnson sets the stage for an intriguing set of interactions between humans and other species, some more alien than others. I love the premise of a more advanced Earth that has survived horrific conflicts and found a way for everyone to live in harmony. The delightful blend of Hawaiian culture and fantastical capabilities of psi talents give this story a unique flair and the premise of judgment according to one’s physical appearance is a familiar issue that is given an intriguing twist. I wasn’t convinced of the likelihood of someone with such bigotry having made it up through the ranks and being so irrational and judgmental, but I understand the need for this character to act as a foil. I reserve the right to be annoyed about him, however, just as I reveled in the glimpse of Jackie’s family and traditions.

There are weighty subjects dealt with in this story, which is necessarily a little heavy on details as the series is set up, but there are also wonderful moments of connection and lighter moments (e.g. nose bopping) to keep things from becoming too ponderous. Be forewarned there is a brief rather gory interlude, and an annoying and self-important character who needs to be cut down to size, as well as an entertaining blend of science and religion with interesting speculation about evolution. I am always delighted to visit the worlds that this creative and imaginative author invents and enjoyed this introduction to the series that blends several of my favorite elements—science fiction, romance, and psychic powers. I look forward to reading the rest of the series!

This science fiction tale is the first story in the ‘First Salik War’ series and introduces Jacaranda MacKenzie, who is thrust into a career change by the psychic visions that show she will be significantly involved in interactions with aliens in ways that may affect the future of Earth. The unexpected discovery that there are aliens who do not look alien as well as those who are distressingly different plus the advantages conferred by a powerful psi ability makes the outcome of First Contact challenging. Add in complications due to bigotry and prejudice on both sides, and alliance may be impossible before any progress can be made toward fighting against a common enemy

Book Blurb for The Terrans

Jean Johnson's first novel in an explosive new science fiction trilogy set in the world of the national bestselling Theirs Not to Reason Why series—set two-hundred years earlier, at the dawn of the First Salik War…

Born into a political family and gifted with psychic abilities, Jacaranda MacKenzie has served as a border-watcher and even spent time as a representative on the United Planets Council. Now she just wants to spend her days in peace and quiet as a translator—but the universe has other plans…

Humans have long known that they would encounter more alien species, and while those with precognitive abilities agree a terrible war is coming, they do not agree on who will save humanity—a psychic soldier or a politician.

But Jackie is both.

After she is pressured into rejoining the Space Force to forestall the impending calamity, Jackie makes an unsettling discovery. Their new enemy, the Salik, seem to be rather familiar with fighting Humans—as if their war against humanity had already begun…

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.25