The Soul Mirror

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The Soul Mirror

A Novel of the Collegia Magica

The Soul Mirror by Carol Berg continues the saga of the Collegia Magica that started with The Spirit Lens.  The horrendous events that exposed the actions of her father have devastated Anne de Vernase’s family and her summons to Court soon after the inexplicable death of her younger sister Lianelle drags her into the morass of intrigue and sorcery that swirls around the royal family.  Reluctantly forced to interact with Portier de Savin-Duplais, Anne discovers that her younger sister had advanced further in her studies of sorcery than her instructors had imagined and Anne’s determination to discover the reasons for Lianelle’s death is complicated by someone’s unwelcome pursuit of artifacts and letters that Lianelle authored.  It is difficult to distinguish between enemy and ally and Anne quickly discovers that there is far more beneath the surface than is apparent with most of the players that she meets, including Lord Ilario de Sylvae, the prickly mage Dante and the unassuming physician Roussel.  Earthshattering discoveries about her own lineage lead Anne deeper into the struggle to overthrow the king and threaten to permanently change the world around her into a horrendous existence.

An enthralling sequel to the events depicted in The Spirit Lens.  Ms. Berg continues to pen a mesmerizing universe filled with tortured and complex characters who operate within an amazingly believable framework of magic and mayhem.  The reader is quickly swept into the complex relationships and machinations of the major characters while the  action continues to escalate until one is caught in the web of intrigue and astonished by the rapidly unfolding events.  A fascinating read.

Book Blurb for The Soul Mirror

In a royal city beset by hauntings, plagues of birds, and strange sinkholes that swallow light and buildings, whispers of necromancy swirl about the queen's volatile sorcerer.

Scholarly, reclusive Anne de Vernase rejoices that she lacks magical talent. Her father's pursuit of illicit sorcery has left her beloved family in ruins and her future bleak. But a plague of murders compels Anne to unravel a dead sister's magical puzzle. With none to trust but a friend she cannot see, Anne must investigate matters beyond science - a centuries-old rivalry, the boundaries of death, and the most dangerous sorcerer in Sabria . . .

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.75