The Skeleton Haunts a House

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The Skeleton Haunts a House

A Family Skeleton Mystery, #3

This fun cozy paranormal mystery provides a unique look at the investigative process when one of the sleuths has been distilled down to bare bones—literally. The quirky elements (including some delightfully creative swear words) provided by having a self-propelled, sentient skeleton who requires no sleep, can pursue advanced education online, and has the ability to masquerade as part of the spooky décor is nicely contrasted with glimpses of the fiercely competitive atmosphere that is part of the environment of higher education and the look at the ongoing challenge of discerning truth from perception. There are wonderful twists as certain facts are gradually revealed, and yes, a very large helping of willing suspension of disbelief is required to appreciate many aspects of the story, but the characters are fun and the wacky situations escalate nicely to the exciting climax. I look forward to reading more adventures featuring Sid and his less life-challenged partners. I had no trouble reading this story without any familiarity with the rest of the series, but I definitely am curious about the evolution of this unusual partnership and plan to be on the lookout for the other tales.

“The Skeleton Haunts a House” by Leigh Perry is part of the ‘A Family Skeleton Mystery’ series and features the adventures of Sid the skeleton as he becomes entangled in a haunted house murder mystery. Together with his human partner, Georgia Thackery, and her unusual family, Sid investigates the truly creepy events at a Halloween celebration, utilizing both his unique talents and the varied resources that Georgia and her relatives can mobilize, but the more clues they uncover, the more complicated the mystery becomes, and it becomes a race against time to solve it before there are even more victims, both figuratively and literally.

Book Blurb for The Skeleton Haunts a House

Sid the Skeleton bones up on clues to solve a Haunted House homicide in this mystery from the author of The Skeleton Takes a Bow…

What holiday could bring more warmth to a skeleton’s chest cavity than Halloween? And when you’re a living skeleton who’s not supposed to be seen outside the house, it’s a welcome chance to get some fresh air and rub bony elbows with people. That’s why Sid doesn’t mind wearing a full-body dog suit and going as Scooby-Doo along with Georgia Thackery’s Velma to the Halloween Howl.

Sid can’t wait to go through the Haunted House—but he gets rattled for real when a genuine dead body is discovered. Trapped inside as the police quickly seal off the crime scene, Sid makes no bones about dropping the dog suit and posing as an actual skeleton. This murder is a skull-scratcher, but as long as Sid is on the inside, he might as well case the joint to figure out who used the cover of darkness to commit the perfect crime…

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.25