The Scarpetta Factor

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The Scarpetta Factor

The Scarpetta Factor by Patricia Cornwell is another meticulously plotted look at the intricate interconnections in medical examiner Kay Scarpetta’s life.  Kay and Benton have temporarily relocated to New York City while she is appearing on television as a forensic analyst and donating her services to the NYC Medical Examiner’s office.  The unresolved tensions in her personal life begin to overlap with her professional obligations as both Lucy and Marino are investigating anomalies that may directly or indirectly involve Benton Wesley and each player has her or his own secrets that escalate the frustrations being experienced.  The novel mirrors the relationships that are spiraling out of control as investigations of a homicide and a missing person expand and begin to intertwine and past secrets start extending tendrils that negatively impact trust and insidiously undermine relationships.  Kay and Benton necessarily tiptoe around the past that required him to destroy their life together while Lucy and ADA Jaime Berger willfully ignore secrets that could destroy their relationship and all of them struggle to determine the implications of the disappearance of a prominent woman and escalating threats being perpetrated against  Kay. 

Another riveting and suspense-filled novel that effortlessly conjures up the atmosphere of post 9/11 New York City.  Cornwell pays her homage to the heroes who responded to the tragedy even as she leads the reader through a chilling investigation into the minds of the criminals who threaten the safety of Scarpetta and those she loves.  Lucy and Marino have had radical changes in their lives and consequently their relationships are even more snarled than ever and the spillover may alter all of their friends and loved ones forever.  A gripping and chilling read.

Book Blurb for The Scarpetta Factor

In the extraordinary new novel by Patricia Cornwell-the world's #1 bestselling crime writer-forensic expert Kay Scarpetta is surrounded by familiar faces, yet traveling down the unfamiliar road of fame. A CNN producer wants her to launch a TV show called The Scarpetta Factor. But the glare of the spotlight could make Kay a target for the very killers she would put behind bars...

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.75