The Reckoners

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The Reckoners

The Reckoners by Doranna Durgin is an enjoyable paranormal story that centers around Lisa McGarrity (Garrie) and her facility for communicating with ghosts.  Lisa has lost her mentor, Rhonda Rose, and has become bored with her ability because she feels that she is not being challenged any longer but finds out that she should be careful what she complains about!  Somehow, Lisa and her group have been growing apart, not just because of Lisa’s failed relationship with the researcher/former lover Quinn but also because of Lisa’s doubt about her vocation.  A mysterious stranger named Trevarr appears and attempts to interest Lisa in the troubles surrounding the eerie Winchester House in San Jose, California.  Trevarr neglects to mention a few things, like the entity Sklayne (who inexplicably is fond of the shape of an Abyssynian cat with its accompanying mannerisms), his own half-breed status and the presence of the Krevata who are threatening the very existence of everyone on Earth.   Trevarr must convince Lisa that their interests temporarily dovetail without letting her know the magnitude of the tasks and risks ahead.

This was an interesting twist on the legends surrounding the infamous Winchester house, the genuine edifice is characterized by many oddities, including doors to nowhere, multitudinous bedrooms and staircases and a propensity toward items in the quantity of 13 and this novel attempts to explain the reasoning behind the idiosyncrasies.  The secondary characters are slightly caricaturist but there is a nice gradual revelation of the facets of the main character Trevarr and his entertaining sidekick, Sklayne as they interact more and more with the heroine Lisa (Garrie) McGarrity.  The paranormal elements of the story are nicely cohesive and intriguing glimpses of multiple back stories make one hope that this is only the first in an entertaining series featuring all of these characters as they continue to function as “Reckoners”, providing final resolutions for those spirits in need.

Book Blurb for The Reckoners

"Heart, adventure, and buckets of wonder." --Julie Czerneda, author of the Reunification Trilogy

The Reckoners (Author's Cut): A powerful ghostbuster raised by a spirit, her brilliantly eccentric backup team, a cat who isn't a cat at all...and a fiercely driven bounty hunter from a different dimension who brings them together when worlds collide.

Skilled ghosthunter Lisa "Garrie" McGarrity not only sees dead people, she wrangles them into submission. But her beloved ghostly mentor moved on years ago, and the Southwest has gone quiet under Garrie's hand. Garrie and her team have grown restless and...well, face it. Maybe willing to take a risk or two.

So when the relentlessly mysterious and fiercely driven Trevarr (and his not-cat!) shows up asking for help, Garrie is inclined to listen. And when he describes big trouble at the San Jose Winchester Mystery House, she's inclined to go with him, even if it splits her team along the way.

But she doesn't expect a mansion crammed with spirits on the brink of madness, and she doesn't expect to face off against the powerful and unfamiliar energies of semi-ethereal beings from another dimension. She definitely doesn't expect the fabric of her own world to unravel around her--with no one but her to stop it.

And truly, she has no idea how deep Trevarr's secrets run.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.25