The Price of Victory

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The Price of Victory

This heartwarming contemporary novel evokes the hard work and dedication that permeates the competitive world of cycling. The heroine must overcome both ethnic and socioeconomic barriers as she pursues her dream and has achieved a support team that unfortunately does not include her family. The detailed description of the equipment and obstacles that challenge the cycling athlete conjures up an exciting picture of the sport even as the story follows a burgeoning romance that the heroine is reluctant to allow to interfere with her goals. The hero is facing his own lifechanging challenges when he is unexpectedly distracted by the determined athlete who dreams of racing in Europe but needs to break into the tightly closed circles that dominate her sport. An unexpected setback challenges each of this unlikely pair who must decide what their dreams are and whether they will continue to be part of each other’s lives.

“The Price of Victory” by Sandra Leesmith is a contemporary woman’s fiction novel that centers around the intriguing sport of women’s cycling and one woman’s struggle to break into the well-guarded elite teams that dominate the sport. Debra Valenzuela has had to overcome many obstacles to follow the dream that she has of becoming a top cyclist but she is driven by the need to show her traditional father that success can be measured by a different yardstick than he uses. A chance encounter with the attractive Sterling Wade who is an integral part of the renowned men’s cycling team tempts Debra to consider whether her dream accomplishment is truly for herself or for someone else.

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Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00