The Phoenix Agency: Bare Deception

“Bare Deception” by Tracy Tappan is a fun addition to an intriguing series, combining suspense, romance, and psychic phenomena. I was tickled to see that this story ties in with one of this talented author’s exciting military romances because it is always like seeing old friends when they cameo in a new story. Psychic abilities are always a draw for me, and I enjoyed the concept but I wasn’t totally convinced by the heroine’s facility with her talent even though she does redeem herself. The heat sizzles between the main characters and there are fun caricatures of the bad guys plus some hair-raising adventures that keep the action going. I think that the constraints of the novella length hampered some of the character development and I hope there will be a longer story in these folks’ future. This was a fun quick romp and I look forward to meeting more Phoenix agents and the psychics who change their world.

This adult contemporary paranormal romance is part of the Kindle World ‘Phoenix Agency’ series and features Phoenix agent Tony Santoro who is undercover and trying to retrieve a vital formula only to discover there is another agent working her wiles to achieve the same goal. Ronnie Cardenas is a newbie agent who is also undercover, but her psychic talent as a Truth Extractor may not be enough to complete the mission. The two reluctant allies must fight their sizzling attraction and focus on the goal, otherwise they may both be discovered and terminated.

Book Blurb for The Phoenix Agency: Bare Deception

Two rival agents. One goal. The clock is ticking, passions are rising…

and someone is lying.

A Mafia kingpin stole the formula for a medical miracle and is on the verge of selling it to the highest bidder. Other security firms tried to rescue it and failed. Now the high-risk job has landed with operatives of Phoenix Agency, the best of America’s ex-military, who bring highly specialized skills to every mission.

As a former Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal expert, Tony Santoro’s skills with wiring are needed to break into the complex safe holding the stolen formula. To get in close, Tony will have to work deep undercover with the mob as an enforcer, a ruthless job that daily twists him into moral binds. But when he catches the boss’s physical therapist trying to burgle the safe, he’s faced with an impossible dilemma. The curvy brunette offers to do ANYTHING so he won’t rat her out…and wouldn’t a Mafia enforcer take her up on that?

On the same mission from a different security firm, Ronnie Cardenas uses her psychic gift as a Truth Extractor to secretly unearth the safe’s combination. After three long months of dangerous undercover work, she is finally on the verge of success…until she stumbles upon a rival agent. She wants the cocky bastard OUT—out of her operation, out of her payoff.

Then everything goes wrong, and she needs his help.

As the mission comes apart, Tony and Ronnie work together in a mad race to pull off the heist before they land themselves in matching cement shoes…and in the process, end up stealing each other’s hearts.

Note to Wings of Gold fans: There is a where-are-they-now short scene in this novella between Eric and Nicole from Book 1 in the Wings of Gold series, BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2017 4.00