The Old Dragon of the Mountain's Christmas

Dragon Lords of Valdier, #9

This paranormal romance novella gives a glimpse of a sadder aspect of dragonshifter society that only values the perfectly strong beings. The combination of shifter and symbiot is a unique aspect of this species and the formidable team they form is showcased even as the unexpected relationship with an older Earth female plays out. The brief glimpse of the younglings of several different species was a great way to tie in to the rest of the series and the Valdier goddess rewarding Christoff’s sacrifice was a delightful twist. I love that this story details a love story between an older female and a being that many would consider handicapped and shows how essential attitude can be in the perception of worth. There are wonderful contrasts between poignant situations, humorous exchanges between Christoff and his dragon who is definitive about his wants, and the magical elements related to becoming part of this remarkable society. This is an entertaining quick read that will undoubtedly appeal to fans of the series as well as those who like imaginative paranormal stories that have a touch of science fiction.

“The Old Dragon of the Mountain” by S.E. Smith is a paranormal romance that is part of the ‘Dragon Lords of Valdier’ series. The story centers around Christoff, whose premature birth resulted in his being undersized and having a dragon with useless wings. The tragic loss of his parents prompts him to become a virtual hermit living in the mountain to keep it from erupting until one fateful Christmas a group of younglings contact him and set off a chain of events that bring him to Earth where he meets a very special woman who changes his life.

Book Blurb for The Old Dragon of the Mountain's Christmas

Born prematurely, Christoff wasn’t as big or as strong as his older brother or the other younglings in the village. Unable to fit in, he does the best he can, helping his father and mother on their farm. His life changes when the mountain near their farm awakens. Believing he is the only one who can quiet it, he retreats to the mountain to watch over the village that shunned him.

A hermit for centuries, he dreams of the day he can move on to his next life; a life that he hopes will give him a chance of finding his true mate. He knows his time has come when the mountain begins to tremble again. What he doesn’t expect is a group of younglings who suddenly appear in the hopes of saving a thing called Christmas. When the mountain erupts, he never expects to awaken on a strange planet light years away, or to meet an unusual woman who sees beneath his deformity to the warrior hidden within.

Can the love of a special woman and her family heal Christoff’s tortured soul? Find out what happens when the Goddess Aikaterina gives The Old Dragon his very own special Christmas.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2016 4.00