The Hoop Kid from Elmdale Park

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The Hoop Kid from Elmdale Park

A fun fast-paced read that provides a great cast of characters who each have a different quirk and skill-set. This was a nice combination of fantasy and reality and I loved the characterization of Bernard's coach. The actions of one of Bernard's biggest rivals was a little surprising but the excitement of a hard-fought basketball game and the importance of strategy and determination is delightfully conveyed. Hopefully there will be more of these entertaining stories.

This delightful children's book is an uplifting tale of a dedicated young man named Bernard Jones with a love for basketball and his very unique basketball, G5000. His skills come in handy when he visits his father's hometown and has to find a way to combat the ruthless man who wants to destroy the community park and convert it into a profitable landfill. A pivotal tournament will pit Bernard and the friends he manages to recruit against the Oakdale champions who are used to ruling the court. The question is whether the winner will be determined by skill or guile.

Book Blurb for The Hoop Kid from Elmdale Park

All Bernard wanted to do while staying with his grandparents in his father’s childhood hometown of Elmdale for the summer was work on his basketball skills. When Bernard excitedly enters a team into the Annual Elmdale Park Basketball Tournament, he’s shocked to discover that the future of the Park is at stake and dependent on his team winning the whole thing. The ruthless millionaire, Victor Franco, wants the Park shut down and turned into a city dump for his own personal gain.

Can the courageous Bernard and his fun and wacky crew defeat their Oakdale rivals and save the historic Park?

A fun, upbeat story, with realistic characters, and fantastic humor (particularly with G5000’s antics). Bernard is such a relatable character, and he’s a great true-to-life role model. Readers are sure to appreciate the basketball lingo, his love of the game, and his determination to fight the good fight.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.00