The Holiday Spirit

This paranormal romance is the perfect ghost story for someone like me who is nervous about ghosts! Kerri is so matter-of-fact about her abilities and those she deals with are interesting rather than intimidating, so that I wasn’t afraid to turn the lights off after reading the story, lol. I enjoyed all of the secondary characters, and was entertained by the idea that the heroine not only talks to the voices in her head as an author, but actually talks to spirits as well. The hero is a yummy alpha male, despite his incorporeal status, and their story is an excellent combination of sizzle and emotion.

“The Holiday Spirit” by Dani Harper tells the story of Kerri Tollbrook, a woman who can communicate with ghosts but is startled to discover that firefighter Galen McAllister is not her typical ‘client’. He finds a way to touch her body and heart and she gives him a reason to fight for a way for them to truly celebrate Christmas with each other. Together, they search for a way to defeat an inimical being known as Nah’mindhe, but even the support of a knowledgeable aunt, a crusty ghost, a feisty pug, and a nurse with connections to the occult may not be enough.

Book Blurb for The Holiday Spirit


Shopping for Christmas, author Kerri Tollbrook is more annoyed than startled when a ghost tells her a gift she's about to buy will end up in the nearest donation bin. He's right, and well... gorgeous with those haunted brown eyes and self-assured bearing. Unlike most men, he's not afraid of her unusual gift. And the connection she feels surprises her. But even she can't date a dead man.


Firefighter Galen McAllister is stunned the petite redhead can see and hear him. It feels almost normal to talk to another human again, but if things were truly normal, he'd already be asking her out. The woman is a triple threat – smart, funny, pretty, even if she's insisting he needs to "cross over". He can't, not after an ancient evil ripped him away from his body. And he refuses to leave as long as the creature is free to do the same to others.


There's no time to kiss under the mistletoe. The demon with a taste for human life force is coming back for a final feast. Helping ghosts is one thing, but Kerri is determined to banish the monster by any means necessary, even if Galen only wants enough "answers" to help him take the demon down himself.

She can't let Galen die for real. He can't bear to put Kerri in the creature's path. But if they don't work together on this, they aren't the only ones who will die just in time for Christmas.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.25