The Guild

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The Guild

Guardians of Destiny #3

This entertaining story continues building on the fantastical world created by this imaginative author who excels in world-building. It is amazing that so many disparate societies coexist on this world, each with an impressively vivid set of rules and beliefs that are remarkably memorable. There are glimpses of those who have already been pivotal in the struggle to keep the world from being destroyed and it was intriguing to get a different perspective on the events of the previous books as seen through the prism of a very different society in which magic has been kept suppressed. The fascinating process of creating a new deity, shaped by the fervent beliefs of an individual who accrues supporters and allies is deftly depicted even as a sweet romance unfolds between two who have never dreamed of having such a fate. A fun adventure that only whets the appetite for the stories that will accompany the solving of other stanzas of the epic poem.

“The Guild” by Jean Johnson is part of the ‘Guardians of Destiny’ series and continues the saga that follows the actions of Torven Shel Von as he threatens to completely change the society of Mekhana and eventually the entire world. The intrepid Rexei has gone through her life retreating from conflict but learning from a broad spectrum of Guilds, which prepares her somewhat for the task of helping free the mages in her land from oppression but little does she expect to become the pivotal figure in the establishment of a new deity in the country. Even more surprising is her reaction to Alonnen Tallnose, Guildmaster of the very secretive Mages Guild, almost as amazing as his reaction to her. The struggle to solve the puzzles foretold in the Prophecy continues, and each must find a way to help prevent demons from overrunning their world.

Book Blurb for The Guild


Cult’s awareness, it shall rise:

Hidden people, gather now;

Fight the demons, fight your doubt.

Gearman’s strength shall then endow,

When Guild’s defender casts them out.

For centuries, the mages of Mekhana have done their best to hide themselves and their powers from the rapacious needs of their so-called Patron Deity, Mekha. Greatest of their secrets is the Vortex, a Fountain hidden in the heart of the Hydraulics Guild. But even after the dissolution of Mekha and the freeing of his people, Alonnen isn’t ready to reveal his guardianship to outsiders. Particularly when the remnants of Mekha’s priesthood start looking for a new monstrosity to worship.

Rexei has hidden more than her powers for most of her life; she has also hidden her gender, wary of the hungers of the old priesthood. Only in the safety of the Hydraulics Guild’s innermost secrets can she be herself. While the rest of her people struggle to reinvent themselves and find a deity they can trust, Rexei struggles to trust just one man, the Guardian of the Vortex. Events are moving fast, though; the priesthood is desperate for any new source of power, even a demonic one that requires certain sacrifices to access.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.00