The Griffin's War

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The Griffin's War

The Fallen Moon, #3

The Griffin's War by K.J. Taylor is the third book in the Fallen Moon series that features Arenadd Taranisaii (formerly known as Arren Cardockson) and griffin Skandar (formerly known as Darkheart). Arenadd finally is convinced that he has been chosen by the Night God and is the Kraeai kran ae, evinced by his ability to use the Shadows, and he undertakes to rally the Northerners to throw off the oppression of the Southerners. Aided in his struggle by Skade, Saeddryn and many of the former slaves that he had freed, Arenadd finds a way to strike fear into those at Malvern. Erian, bastard son of Lord Rannagon, is sent by Lady Elkin, the Eyrie Mistress, and griffin Kraal to obtain a magical object to deal with the threat offered by Arenadd. Erian is not sure he is truly qualified to be the Aeai ran kai as an agent of Gryphus but he and the griffin Senneck travel in search of the island described by Kraal. The two separate factions are following their destinies but the question is who will be triumphant.

Another somber addition to the series that follows the tortuous path that Arenadd's life or un-life has become. He and Skandar are constantly evolving in their relationship and their powers while they navigate uncharted territories just as Erian is fumbling his way through his destiny. The griffin-human relationships also seem to be in flux and the use of magic is somewhat erratic throughout the story. Definitely not for the person who looks for a happy ever after ending.

Book Blurb for The Griffin's War

After promising his allegiance to the Night God, Arenadd Taranisaii escapes death for the second time and vows to free his people. With the dark griffin Skandar by his side, Arenadd begins to gather an army and prepare for war using the power gifted to him by the Night God to move through the shadows.

But even as Arenadd's strength grows his nemesis sets out for the Island of the Sun, seeking the one weapon that can truly kill Arenadd, the man without a heart.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.25