The Ghosts of Pebble Brook Lodge

The Ghost Whisperer Series Book 2

"The Ghosts of Pebble Brook Lodge" by Linda Covella is a young adult story that continues the ‘Ghost Whisperer’ series which centers around Kayanne (Pepper) Connelly’s experiences at the aforementioned lodge. The thirteen-year-old not only has to deal with her younger sister Sage, the family having moved across the country, and the rundown lodge they have ended up in temporarily, but also the mystery of the ghosts who have something to do with the tragic death of a young girl many years prior. Pepper’s prior experience with a ghost aids her as mysterious experiences and contact with various folks (dead and alive) lead her to search for the truth of what happened. The only problem is, not everyone wants the truth to be revealed and it may become dangerous for her and her family if Pepper continues to search.

This fun and eerie story started off fairly slow and ponderously but it definitely picked up and increased in intensity by the time Pepper’s friends and bandmates show up. The whimsical elements, such as their chef parents naming their children after spices or a band called The Nonmall Oddballs, are nicely contrasted with the supernatural interactions and the mystery that is going to take quite a bit of courage to solve. I really enjoyed this author’s story, “Cryptogram Chaos”, and I am delighted to say that I enjoyed the hair-raising adventures that Pepper experiences in this tale. I am curious about what happened in the prior book in the series but I had no trouble reading this one as a stand-alone story. Fair warning, there always seems to be some kind of meal being prepared, so I was craving some of the classic dishes that are highlighted in the story, but it just added to the atmosphere!

Book Blurb for The Ghosts of Pebble Brook Lodge

*Winner of the Gold Medal from Literary Classics for Preteen Mystery!

In the rainy forest of the Santa Cruz Mountains, in the small town of Brookdale, in the long-uninhabited Pebble Brook Lodge...exist four ghosts who stand in the way of 13-year-old Pepper Connelly's search for the truth.

Was Pepper's friend Willie responsible for his sister Karen's death? Pepper believes he's innocent, and has only two weeks to prove it.

In this sequel to the award-winning The Castle Blues Quake, Pepper's chef parents take her and her little sister Sage on another restaurant venture to renovate the Pebble Brook Lodge. With her Ghost Whisperer powers, Pepper slowly discovers there are four ghosts, each with his or her own haunting agenda.

One of the unique features of the lodge is a creek running through the large dining room. Pepper learns that in 1966 a thirteen-year-old girl, Karen, drowned in the creek. Her ten-year-old brother, Willie Hullett, was accused of being responsible for her death. Willie, now middle-aged, lives with his mother in a cabin in the woods. Mrs. Hullett has never forgiven Willie for her beloved daughter's death. As Pepper secretly becomes acquainted with Willie and sees his gentle nature and his beautiful life-like carvings, she's convinced he did not kill his sister. With the help of her friend Ally Cressman, Pepper sets out to prove Willie's innocence. With Ouija board sessions, hauntings by four different ghosts, and time travel to 1939 and 1966, Pepper discovers there's more to Karen's death than she--or anyone in Brookdale--would have ever guessed.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 4.25