The Ghost and Mrs. Fletcher

Murder, She Wrote, #44

I loved the television show that featured this charismatic sleuth and this story is a delightful addition to the collection of mysteries she has been involved in solving. The ongoing gentle feud between Doc Hazlitt and Sheriff Metzger and the delights and drawbacks of small-town life are vividly portrayed, supplemented with a delightfully chilling arcane twist. Many of the elements that are characteristic of Jessica’s life, including her well-used bicycle and love of books, are present to delight those of us who are fans, and the gradual revelation that exposes the darker side of life in this ostensibly bucolic paradise reminds me that Cabot Cove is a picturesque town that it could be pretty fatal to visit! This is another entertaining addition to the series, with nice twists to the tale.

“The Ghost and Mrs. Fletcher, A Murder, She Wrote Mystery” by Jessica Fletcher, Donald Bain & Renee Paley-Bain is another mystery featuring the intrepid fictional character who starred in her own television series. Set in her beloved Cabot Cove, this story starts out with an unexpected death that enmeshes Jessica in a complex web involving a house, lurid book titles, inexplicable messages being delivered by an unknown source, and mysterious strangers. Using her characteristic tenacity, Jessica begins teasing out a mystery that has roots in the past and unexpected connections to those around her, with a solution that, as usual, isn’t the obvious and easy answer.

Book Blurb for The Ghost and Mrs. Fletcher

In the USA Today bestselling Murder, She Wrote series—make room for Jessica Fletcher as she cleans house to catch a killer who hasn’t got a ghost of a chance.

Jessica’s friend, Eve Simpson is the town’s premier real estate agent and has recently taken on the task of selling one of Cabot Cove’s oldest properties—the Spencer Percy House, built in 1805 by a sea captain for his young wife. Its current occupant, Joe Cooper, a crusty former carpenter, is convinced he’s about to die and wants the house sold so he can give the proceeds to his grandson, who spent much of his youth there.

But Eve’s got quite a challenge on her hands. Not only is the building in deplorable physical condition, it is also rumored to be haunted.

When Joe’s deadly premonition becomes a reality, Dr. Seth Hazlitt is not so sure the man died of natural causes. As Jessica tries to get to the bottom of Joe Cooper’s death, a medium hired by Eve attempts to rid the house of the alleged apparition. But if Jessica isn’t careful, she may be the one who joins the ranks of the dearly departed.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.00