The Fox's Mask

This was a beautifully written young adult fantasy that blends the elements of Japanese samurai and the mythology of the kitsune in a tale that is filled with delightful twists and turns. The flowing imagery and the intriguing characters that are depicted make this a wonderful introduction to the series, ‘The Kitsune Trilogy’. The author artfully combines familiar concepts such as shape-shifting and demon possession into a fresh new tale that entertains and educates and makes one curious to discover what new creature is going to appear and how it will fit into this fascinating world. A very enjoyable read that will make one anxious for the next episode in the series.

“Fox’s Mask” by Anna Frost is a delightful young adult story that follows the adventures of a samurai named Akakiba and his apprentice Yuki. The two travel the countryside battling and eliminating demons even though Yuki is human and not a member of Akakiba’s Fox Clan. A remarkable series of events results in Yuki obtaining a new and complex companion even as he learns that there is far more to his enigmatic mentor than he ever dreamed. The trio travel to the Fox Clan’s home base and discover that there are two different enemies to be confronted, not to mention complex family issues that Akakiba has never revealed. The life and death struggles will require fortitude and teamwork but the challenge will be to identify who the real enemy is.

Book Blurb for The Fox's Mask

Demon hunter Akakiba keeps many secrets from his human companion. The fact he's a werefox isn't the worst one.

In feudal Japan, magic is dying. As a demon hunter, Akakiba finds this problematic. The evil he’s been trained to destroy is disappearing and, along with it, the shape-shifting abilities of the clan he left behind. With his only companion, a determined young human named Yuki, Akakiba traverses the country slaying demons and performing odd jobs.

But when an army of demon possessed humans masses to exterminate his clan, Akakiba must put aside old feuds and protect his family–all while hiding an important secret from Yuki. Will they find a way to defeat the demon possessed before it’s too late? With magic dwindling, will it matter either way?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.50