The Chosen

Legend Chronicles, #3

This is an intriguing paranormal steampunk tale that gives an imaginative combination of inventions and fantastical creatures combined with a quest story. There are entertaining twists to the exciting tale that involves a shapeshifter who has a complex relationship with two of the Jackson brothers (a trio whose names are all brands of firearms) although some of the solutions to the perils they find themselves in are solved a little too easily. The story is reminiscent of many of the fun quest movies that combine danger, smart repartee and exotic backgrounds but somehow it seemed just a bit frenetic to me. Part of my problem may be a lack of familiarity with the other two books in the series although admittedly there is a lot of background information provided. I also enjoyed the poignant meeting between Marley and Persephone in the bonus novella, it gave more depth to Marley’s character. To me the characters in the main story were just a bit overblown and the final confrontation with the evil villain was resolved a little awkwardly but overall this is still a good fun read.

“The Chosen” by Theresa Meyers is book three of ‘The Legend Chronicles’ and centers around the adventures of lawyer Remington Jackson who is partnered by Darkin shapeshifter China McGee who has her own reasons for aiding the man who is ostensibly her enemy. The three Jackson brothers are the Chosen, tasked with closing the Nyx gates to prevent the Darkin from overrunning humanity. They have each discovered that there is more to consider about the Darkin as they have come to know the three Darkin females who have become essential to the task. They all will have to learn to work together in order to accomplish their goal but can be successful only if they can find all of the necessary components in time, which is running out all too quickly.

There is also a bonus novella called “The Inventor” which gives a lovely description of Marley’s initial encounters with his beloved Lady Persephone.

Book Blurb for The Chosen

The third book in the Legend Chronicles western steampunk romance series featuring middle Jackson brother Remington and shape-shifter Darkin thief, China McGee.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.00