The Applicant

Busted Labs Book 1

“The Applicant” by Aidee Ladnier is an all-too-short story that seems designed to pique one’s interest in a new series. I enjoyed the glimpse of science that has implications both benign and malign but Forbes seems way too naïve about the dangerous implications of his invention. I’m not a big fan of time travel stories because they make my head hurt trying to figure out the implications of changes in the past and how the timeline can be altered. The heat between the main characters is intense, and the teddy bear robot is delightful, but the limitation placed on the story by its length prevents any deep characterization.

I wish the story was a bit longer, but hopefully the sequels will help flesh out everyone and answer some of the questions that arise from events in this tale. Those looking for an imaginative and quick read with a bit of heat will enjoy this story, but I suspect that, like me, there will be a thirst for more!

This is the first book in the ‘Busted Labs’ series, a m/m story that combines science fiction and romance, seen through the eyes of Forbes Pohle and a mysterious man named Oliver, who claims to come from the future and knows far too much about Forbes. Discovering their connection and deciding whether to let it sway his decisions is just one of the challenges that Forbes must work his way through.

Book Blurb for The Applicant

How can something so cuddly and adorable be so destructive? The teddy bear robot decimating his lab is only the first disaster of the day for roboticist Forbes Pohle. If he can figure out how to end its rampage, he still has to interview applicants for the position of research assistant and convince the time traveler on his doorstop that they should be making their future right now.

Oliver Lennox didn’t travel back in time to have a quickie in the blast chamber—but it certainly is fun. This younger Forbes is a sweeter, more innocent version of his lover. And it will be hard to leave him behind in the past.

If you like sexy nerds, humor, plenty of action, and a love story not even time can disrupt, this romantic adventure has the perfect credentials for the job.

First Edition published as The Applicant (or Virgins, Robot Bears, and Other Disasters) by Torquere Press, 2012.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 3.75