Texas Two Step The Prequel

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Texas Two Step The Prequel

Texas Montgomery Mavericks

This quickie read gives a glimpse into the origins of some of the relationships that are detailed in the full story, “Texas Two Step”. I suspect that the longer story can be read as a stand-alone but this provides a nice background and gives a great introduction to the author’s delightful style. I looked forward to reading the story itself and enjoyed the heat and interactions in this short story.

“Texas Two Step: The Prequel” by Cynthia D’Alba is a short story that gives background for the events that take place in “Texas Two Step” and introduces Olivia Montgomery, her friend Emily Miller and the guys who attract their attention, Mitch Landry and Wes Benton. Unfortunately, their strong attraction for one another is going to face some challenges.

Book Blurb for Texas Two Step The Prequel

Go back to where it all began...When Olivia Montgomery met Mitch Landry and their lives were changed forever.

Texas Two Step:The Prequel is a short story. It serves as an introduction to Olivia Montgomery and Mitch Landry, the primary characters in the novel, Texas Two Step. The Prequel covers their college dating years up to their break-up. Texas Two Step, the novel, continues the story six years later.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.00