Take A Stranger No More

The Adventures of the St. Claire Servants, Book 1

“Take a Stranger No More” by Beth Kery is an intensely erotic novella that relates the tale of Kit Chevalier whose family has a history of service to the vampire Maximilian (Max) St. Claire who took the abruptly orphaned female as his ward when her parents died suddenly. Kit has matured into an attractive and curious young woman who burns to join Max and his servant Audie in their bed sport despite Max’s efforts to keep her untouched and destined for another man’s arms. Kit has secretly spied on Max and his variety of partners and must convince her guardian that she is grown and knows her own mind so that Max will never need to assuage his lust with a stranger again.

A smoking tale of a young woman exploring her sexual boundaries, preferably under the auspices of the two men she has spent much of her life with. Max and Audie are comfortable with each other and frequently add a woman to Max’s bed but neither has seriously considered adding Kitty into the mix to form a menage trio because Max takes his role as guardian seriously. Fortunately for everyone, Kitty has her own ideas!

Book Blurb for Take A Stranger No More

Once a servant…now the master.

Kit Chevalier has a serious problem. She’s loved Max St. Clair, her sinfully handsome guardian, since she was a child of six and he a young man of nineteen. But now he stubbornly refuses to notice that she’s grown into a woman. Armed with a few shocking secrets from Max’s servant, Kit sets out to persuade him she is no longer a child.

Long ago, Max was a servant himself, indentured like all St. Clair princelings to a noble family in order to teach them humility…and how to best pleasure their masters in bed. Once indentured to Kit’s parents, he is now pledged to protect Kit-and her virtue-until he can honorably hand her off to a suitable husband.

And hand her off he will. Quickly, before he loses his weakening resolve to keep his own hands off her. The last thing he wants to do is expose the fragile beauty to the carnal appetites of his ancient line.

But Max underestimates Kit’s resolve-and the passionate fire that burns within her-which is every bit a match for his own.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, ménage à trois, m/m sex scenes.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50