Striking Distance

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Striking Distance

An I-Team Novel

This exhilarating romantic suspense tale once again showcases Pamela Clare’s ability to tell a gripping tale that artfully combines fact and fiction. The author’s dedication to research into her subject matter is again reflected in her complex tale that weaves many threads together into a compelling story. The sizzling love scenes and tender care that the hero bestows upon the fragile and wounded heroine are contrasted with the tense episodes of danger and all of that is leavened by the humorous interludes. Particularly memorable is Javier’s first introduction to the earthy women who are Laura’s mom and grandmom as well as the dinner that Javier orchestrates that results in him borrowing a suit to provide the desired ambience, not to mention the strength of character and moral fiber displayed as he makes a conscious decision to share classified information and accept the repercussions. This is a fantastic and enthralling series and this story is an excellent addition as it provides glimpses of the charismatic people who comprise the I team and provides even more striking characters to fall in love with. A great read that is difficult to put down so make sure you have plenty of time to savor it or be prepared to be short on sleep!

“Striking Distance” is the exciting addition to the ‘ITeam’ series by Pamela Clare. Reporter Laura Nilsson was kidnapped and believed murdered by a terrorist but instead has been held captive and tortured for a year and a half. Navy SEAL Javier Corbray never dreamed that he would be the one to rescue the sexy woman who he once had a brief earthshaking affair with but he is unable to reveal his identity to her given the nature of his mission. Their chance reunion two years later is fraught with many complications, not least of which is the fact that someone is trying to not only destroy the hard-won life Laura is trying to rebuild but is trying to kill her as well. Not if Javier has anything to say about it.

Book Blurb for Striking Distance

Her past is a secret?even to her.

Discovering it will be the most dangerous move of her life.

TV reporter Laura Nilsson, known as the ?Baghdad Babe,” spent eighteen months in an Al-Qaeda compound after being kidnapped live on the air. Two years later, she’s still wondering why.

No mission in Javier Corbray’s fourteen years as a Navy SEAL affected him the way Laura’s rescue did. No woman had stirred his protective instincts the way she did. And he wants her more than he’s ever wanted anyone.

As Laura and Javier’s passion ignites, so does Laura’s need to discover the mystery of her past. Especially when she learns that her abduction was not random?and that she’s still a target for a killer with an impenetrable motive. Now Javier will have to rely on his skills to keep the woman he loves from being struck down before she dares uncover the truth.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.50