Stone Hard SEALs - Duet

These two erotic military romance novellas are a delicious combination of action, sensuality, and humor, as they highlight two very sexy SEALs and the women who demonstrate that they are forces in their own right. I particularly love heroines who are just as courageous and willing to fight as their soulmates and each of these women definitely displays a backbone. There is a nice combination of characterization and background for the two heroes and the epilogue provides a heartwarming update on each pair. Despite the fact that these two novellas are nicely tied up, it would be lovely to see more stories featuring this yummy SEAL team and I will keep my fingers crossed that the other guys will get their chance in the spotlight as well.

“Stone Hard SEALS” by Sabrina York contains a pair of novellas that center on hostages that necessitate a rescue operation spearheaded by an elite squad of SEALs. “Book 1: Ryder” (which was originally published as part of the boxed set, “Hot Alpha SEALs”) features Ryder “Stone” Maddox, who leads a hostage rescue mission that pairs him up with Lily Wilson, daughter of an influential senator, who is much more capable than he realizes…as he discovers when his mission gets disrupted. His flinty and unyielding attitude is no match for the sexy woman who is just as determined to get her way as he is to protect her, but they both have to survive long enough to work out a compromise. “Book 2: Drake” provides a slightly different perspective of the aforementioned mission, but centers on a different hostage, Susan (Brandy) Brandywine, who gets teamed up with Drake Ronan as he attempts to rescue her but ends up needing her nursing skills. Drake is dealing with multiple challenges, including proving himself on his first mission with the team, but none so difficult as keeping his distance from the sexy woman who sees him as few others do, literally. And then there’s her father…who doesn’t have the highest opinion of him, but none of that will matter if the two of them don’t survive long enough for rescue.

Book Blurb for Stone Hard SEALs - Duet

A Duet of Steamy SEAL romance by NYT and USA Today Bestselling author Sabrina York

Book One: Ryder

A hostage rescue mission turns Ryder “Stone” Maddox’s world on its ear when he comes face-to-face with his greatest fear: A woman he cannot resist. But he has to resist Lily Wilson. He’s vowed never to fall in love. Besides, as the daughter of a senator, she is definitely off-limits. Lily sees things differently. Irresistibly drawn to this hot, hard SEAL, she is determined to prove they belong together…and that her man does not have a heart of stone. (Originally published in the NYT and USA Today Bestselling Hot Alpha SEALs collection)

Book Two: Drake

Drake Ronan is all man—a rock hard SEAL who doesn’t need help from anyone. Doesn’t need anyone. But when he’s shot during a dangerous rescue mission, and has to rely on a beautiful nurse to survive, he realizes he has to rethink his resolution. Suddenly he can’t imagine his life without Brandy in it. It’s a damn shame she has a secret that could ruin everything.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.00