Still the One

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Still the One

An Animal Magnetism Novel, #6

This is a delicious contemporary romance story that is part of a wonderful series peopled with an intriguing combination of characters. Darcy hasn’t been the most personable character in the series thus far, but one can’t help admire her determination and perseverance, no matter how prickly her personality. It was wonderful watching her go after what she thought was important and heartwarming to see what she was putting her efforts into, helping others.

I love series that allow you to get a glimpse of characters who have become important to you during their own time in the spotlight and the camaraderie and care and concern displayed by both the male and female factions in this town is a delicious component of this series, even as one can’t help but laugh at the snarky comments exchanged by those who know each other’s foibles and how best to take shots at each other. There are wonderfully heated scenes of intimacy but just as importantly, there are emotional and intense interactions that make these characters memorable and familiar as they deal with insecurities and challenges that can only be overcome with determination and a little help from friends and family, something we can all identify with. The characters continue to evolve in this delightful series and there are enough secondary characters who deserve their own time in the spotlight that I am hopeful for many more stories in this town.

“Still the One” by Jill Shalvis is part of the captivating ‘Animal Magnetism’ series and features the very prickly and handicapped Darcy Stone, sister to pilot Zoe and veterinarian Wyatt. A.J. Colton, the passionate and sexy Navy veteran and physical therapist, has coaxed, bullied and inspired Darcy to stand on her own two feet again, but he has trouble with the idea of asking her for help even though he expects her to reach out to him when she needs to. Their relationship is fraught with land mines and obstacles, including past and present hurts, but both know the value of working hard to get what one wants—although they are not sure that they both want the same thing!

Book Blurb for Still the One

Love is a dare in the sexy new romance by the award-winning New York Times bestselling author of the Animal Magnetism novels and the Lucky Harbor series...

Darcy Stone is game for anything?except sexy Navy vet and physical therapist AJ Colten, the guy who’d rejected her when she’d needed him most. Now the shoe is on the other foot and he needs her to play nice and help him secure grants for his patients. Unfortunately Darcy can’t refuse. She needs the money to fund her passion project: rescuing S&R dogs and placing them with emotionally wounded soldiers.

AJ admits it?Darcy is irresistible. But he’s already been battle-scarred by a strong-willed, vivacious, adventurous woman like Darcy, and he’s not making the same mistake twice?until he and Darcy are forced to fake a relationship. Growing closer than they’d ever imagined possible, Darcy and AJ have to ask themselves: how much between them is pretend? What’s the real thing? And where does it go from here?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.50